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Company: New Heights Educational Group, Inc
Category: Chief Learning Officer of the Year

Nomination Title: Learning Expertise at its best



Our History:

Award winning organization, New Heights Educational Group (NHEG) was formed in 2006 by Mrs. Pamela Clark. Mrs. Clark discovered that families needed to cooperate especially in educating children with learning difficulties such ADHD, Bi- Polar disorder, Autism and Neurological Disorders.

Mrs. Clark leads a team of 79 volunteers that researches advancements, provides training to teachers for different learning styles. NHEG provides fill- in- the- gap tutoring which is necessary to reach students that have been left behind. NHEG offers classes, has an educational magazine viewed over 64,000 times and comic book. We have published two books; one "Unraveling Reading" is the first of the “Unraveling Series” the series assists parents, teachers, and tutors in how to help children learn. We will offer a book for each subject. One of our volunteers wrote a book for publication titled “One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success,” which was released worldwide in March of 2015 and tells our story.

An internet radio show ,"New Heights Show on Education" with over 327,000 listeners. Our website offers a list of interactive classes and over 76 free courses.

We have made available a national and international Student Leadership Groups which serves students desiring to develop their leadership skills.

Everything about the New Heights Educational Group is innovative, from its unique programs to the way it provides fill- in- the- gap type tutoring. We are the first organization of its kind to build an educational program for all students and their families regardless of school choice, social economic status or beliefs. We believe that everyone deserves a fair and equal education, and we aim to aid students and adults who are willing to work for it. We believe there should be a place where people can come for honest and caring help for any educational issue or topic that they face — a place that uplifts them to reach, achieve and surpass their goals. That not only says we believe in those people, but also provides the tools and resources to turn dreams into a reality. This approach is innovative and life- changing, and we have proven it is possible to achieve. What is even more unique is that this dream has been achieved over 14 years by all volunteers. These volunteers were looking to better their own lives; many times we were the volunteers' first professional opportunity. Our volunteers care about our communities and our world.

NHEG doesn't try to change people, and we truly believe that this is one of the reasons for our great success. We allow our students and volunteers to shine, let them be who they are, let them explore who they could be and provide any educational tools along the way. It's as if we've built a school, undrawn the lines and said everyone is welcome. We also proved that education isn't about more funding or politics. It's about faith in ourselves and others individuals' gifts and the fact that we don't have to compete against each other. We celebrate, empower and embrace one another's unique gifts.

Our Mission: The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities; and acquisition of materials.

We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school- age children, including children with special needs.