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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2020, Click to Enter The 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers


Company: IBM
Category: Internal Communications Professional of the Year

Nomination Title: My passions don't define me, they create me. - Liz Markiewicz, IBM EO&S Talent & Growth Communications Lead



As the Communications Leader of IBM Enterprise Operations & Services (EO&S) Talent & Growth Team, Elizabeth (Liz) Markiewicz, is responsible for building a connection for our employees to IBM, our purpose and our transformation, with the focus on influential and meaningful communications that are essential to all employees. By providing clarity, she helps our employees understand our business strategy. Her key priority is to create a culture of recognition and excellence as we strive to make EO&S the best place to work.

As an IBMer, Liz strives to be an example to the community, by leading with our values and beliefs that enable, support and develop IBMers to their potential, encouraging each person to bring their full self to the workplace, and engage in a world of inclusion.

She supports IBM programs that promote gender equality, by volunteering with GWIBM New York Tri- State core team and is a LGBT+ Ally. She actively participates in the IBM’s WIT Web Design Coding programs, fostering enthusiasm by empowering girls and young women to pursue a career in STEM fields of study. Through the WIT workshops, she has helped shape several girls' future and encouraged them to look into areas of STEM.

A highlight of Liz’s accomplishments in 2019 was the Day for Growth event designed to deliver a dedicated day of learning for all of our employees. Liz was instrumental in coordinating 35 major site events and enabling participation of 22,000+ employees in live on- site and virtual sessions, totaling at 63,000 learning hours.

Below is a sample of Liz’s other achievements in 2019.

-Quarterly All Hands Meetings: Showcases our Cognitive Journey/tell the EO&S story, touching over 14,000 employees.

-Experience Demo: Journey of learning about the services, offerings and passion projects EO&S delivers to IBM, gaining insight to the EO&S organization, increasing synergy within the organization, reaching 2000 employees.

-Watson Media channel: Launched a video/streaming channel, in essence creating an EO&S news channel.

-Blogs: Deliver meaningful communications, essential for ensuring clear, specific message with measurable results as we see a culture shift. Now using w3 publisher as our blogging platform, enabling monthly metrics reports to see where we have gaps.

-Newsletter: Enables leaders and employees to communicate to the organization, strengthening the EO&S community. By using the Watson Campaign Automation, she can track unique identifiers in regard to click rate and geographical location.

Liz volunteers with many organizations such as North White Plains Fire Department, The High Line NYC, New York Basket Brigade, New York Irish Center, 10,000 PB&Js, American Cancer Society and logged over 600 volunteer hours in 2019 alone. This does not include all her work with GWIBM or IBM’s partnership with United Way.

Liz challenges the status quo and embraces goals that will help IBM accelerate our transformation. She embraces new ways of work and encourages others to get involved, to make a positive difference in their workplace and community.

She is always looking for innovative ways to deliver key messages, by leveraging communication tools and platforms to tell our story. By using Watson Automation Campaign, mass communications are distributed quickly and seamlessly. Opening a channel on the Watson Media platform, allows for video content and key executive messages to be stored in one, easy to find location.

She leads activities to drive engagement, communicate our strategy and share individual/team achievements. She crafts communications that can be personalized towards business objectives and business unit goals. The messaging encourages a change in behaviors, which leads to a change in attitude and knowledge level, ultimately driving positive outcomes

Liz is a true IBM global volunteer, she supports the schools and community organizations, contributing to helping the world work better. Her volunteerism allows her to demonstrate and be the change she wants to see in the world. She believes in paying forward can truly impact communities and change the world for the better.

In addition to all Liz’s volunteerism, she has helped raise money for organizations such as National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, she raced up 66 flights of stairs at 30 Rockefeller Center to aid in MS awareness and support a world free of MS.

Liz was instrumental in coordinating the F&O Day for Growth event. IBM- internal custom platform created to run the event allowed for scheduling based on geography, streaming of pre- recorded and live sessions, as well as curated learning based on pre- established learning tracks such as Personal Development, New Ways of Working, Know Our Business and Know F&O.(https://ibm.box.com/s/zcf8kvm9dw1a785lnk5ymjdy3gbxr7ek )

The event metrics validated high level of employee engagement globally. (https://ibm.box.com/s/wu2ejxgtmv90yf33r39821pp9kvvgcjt )

The Day for Growth allowed us to get high value learning across the various functions within F&O and around the world in an engaging and fresh way.
(https://ibm.box.com/s/7qu4e5di8boa625fbclc8wm0k6ih3sod )

Liz coordinated the EO&S Experience Demo and piloted this fun and interactive experience (Science Fair style) for our Armonk- based employees, in October. The mission of the Experience Demo was giving our teams an opportunity to learn about the many exciting services, offerings, and passion projects that EO&S delivers.

Encouraged networking amongst the teams under the EO&S umbrella to foster future collaboration opportunities. (https://ibm.box.com/s/9bdzny12ks4m9qxvxaa84ynkihr6n7pr )

Her communication strategy (blog posts, announcements, etc) increase employee engagement by showcasing the difference our people are making for IBM, as our teams drive high value services into the industries, influencing a change in behaviors, a change in attitudes, a change of knowledge level, ultimately empowering our people.

Liz strives to be an example to the community, by leading with our values and beliefs that enable, support and develop IBMers to their potential, encouraging each person to bring their full self to the workplace, and engage in a world of inclusion.

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