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Company: Gamelearn
Category: Training Programs or Media

Nomination Title: Mars, a customizable serious game for training initiatives and internal communications



Our serious game, Mars, was officially unveiled in late 2018, though our clients started using it in 2019.

Mars is a customizable serious game that lets you turn your training content into an adaptable and memorable learning experience that uses a collaborative and social approach based on player interaction. With gamification techniques such as storytelling, leaderboards, levels, and badges, learning becomes a refreshing and fun experience that stirs up student engagement.

The game is designed to spark conversations about the training content, which help students retain the information they learn. Through debates and competition, students have fun on their quest to determine who is the most knowledgeable.

Mars takes players to the year 2030 -- when settlers first start to colonize the planet. They’re tasked with building a new civilization where information and knowledge are the keys to survival. Players compete either individually or in teams to show off their expertise on the materials, which are either written or picked out by the game administrator (i.e the company’s L&D department).

The game adapts to the various training initiatives and communication needs that different teams may have:

-Human Resources: Mars is the perfect vehicle for communicating internal policies or company values. It also supports other key departmental goals such as talent attraction.
-Compliance: The game spices up any compliance training mandated by law (occupational risk prevention, data protection, etc.).
-Training and Development: Employees interact with and compete among themselves to make any training activity fun.
-Internal communication: Mars ensures the success of any employee- centered communication campaigns.
-Marketing/Sales: The game broadens the training horizons for employees working with products, processes, or technological tools (CRM, management software, etc.).
-Other departments: It promotes a deeper understanding of whatever topic is important at any given moment.

Mars is a serious game designed to be reused again and again to tackle any situation that may come up. Its length can be adjusted and it focuses on social learning. To carry out these functions, many aspects of the game can be easily customized:

-Languages (Spanish, English, French, and German)
-Material learned
-Competition style (individually or in teams)
-Length of the game and number of turns
-Creation of certified questions
-Game moderators

Since we released Mars, almost 2,800 students from 55 different companies such as Orange, MSD, Abbott, Accenture, and Bayer have played it on our platform.

We’ve achieved an average recommendation rate of 75.4%, and almost 90% of students said that what they learned was applicable in their professional and personal life.

Our LMS is full of positive reviews from students who have played Mars under a variety of different circumstances. We’ve included a screenshot of some of the reviews we’ve received here:

At an event we put on for our clients in Madrid, Spain in 2019, we had the opportunity to talk to some of them about their experiences with Mars. They were all either very happy with what they had already achieved with the game or were excited about expanding it to use with more of their employees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNOwceD5XWY

For a long time, clients had been asking us for a reusable game they could adapt to different learning and communication goals. Really, before Mars, there was a vacuum in the training world for a customizable serious game that’s easy and intuitive to set up for players or for a live audience -- Mars can also be used for checking people’s attention during a meeting. This game fills that void!

To inspire our clients, we’ve always tried to lead by example. When we underwent an organizational change ourselves in 2019 -- which required combining teams of people that had never worked together before -- we used Mars to engrain the change in the company culture. Learn more in this video: https://youtu.be/mKBy_q56Bmg

Another example that served as inspiration for some of our clients was our use of Mars during the Coronavirus quarantine. We wanted to make sure our team stayed close- knit throughout the lockdown (and was knowledgable about the virus). To accomplish this, we used Mars to push our staff to learn more about the Coronavirus and how it affects us, all done from the comfort of their homes. Check out the video to see more: https://youtu.be/gEAP-8jT5Tw

Through the following links, we’d like to give you access to content that may help you better evaluate the quality and benefits of Mars.

Our product web page and our synopsis describe the story behind the game, its target audience, and the learning objectives:

There is also a document with some suggestions on how to get the most out of this customizable serious game, which will depend on the company’s training content and how long they want the game to last.

The instructional sheet explains the game’s mechanics, whereas the blog post lays out the main characteristics of Mars.

We also included a LinkedIn post showing how Abbott Philippines announced a Mars training session to their staff in the most original and fun way. They really captured the game spirit and involved everyone in it!

As for the videos, we’ve attached both a trailer and a video demo, but arguably the most compelling one is our CEO’s explanation of the game. He describes in detail why it was designed in the first place and its mechanics. https://youtu.be/t6jlcmA7N8I


Apart from that, there is also a clip that shows an international demo session in France, as well as one from the premiere we organized in Madrid to unveil the game to our clients:




Links/Supporting Documents:






https://youtu.be/z WRW3vYe9BE