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Company: Feros Care
Category: Most Valuable HR Team

Nomination Title: Feros Care Covid-19 Safe Planning



One of our goals at Feros Care (Feros) is to help Australia re-imagine what ageing and disability look like by raising awareness of the value of our clients. We aim to enable our clients to boldly live a full life!

When Covid- 19 reached Australian shores, Feros pulled together to do the impossible. We wanted to comprehensively ensure the safety and well-being of each staff member and client, re-configuring our disaster planning by building a Covid-19 organizational-wide response to meet the needs of the fast- moving pandemic. Our HR team took critical action which undoubtedly maximized staff /client safety; strengthened, informed and maintained our workforce and sustained Feros through the initial crisis - even creating employment opportunities.

What Feros HR developed and implemented:

Covid Contingency Workforce Strategy

Covid- 19 Engagement Strategy

Targeted Re Deployment Plans

Covid- Safe plan

Online Staff Engagement Strategy

Creating & deploying Covid- Safe online training

Worked with Universities / RTOs offering student employment opportunities

Worked with industries / local businesses with terminated staff - enabling transition to Feros

170 staff vaccinated in 5 weeks

Consulting At- Risk staff offering redeployment ensuring dignity to maintain employment

Mobilised workforce to undertake alternate work arrangements

Inclusion & Diversity Innovation by pivoting to virtual orientations

Communication Plan - weekly staff updates

Residential Scenario testing ensuring outbreak readiness

Broadened EAP to virtual appointments

Wellness check- in automated on field staff mobile phones. (Full version 750 words attached as authorised by Clara Im).

Contingency Workforce Strategy – an overarching plan which analysed a 20- 30% absentee rate. This strategy considered each stream, their location, staffing numbers and identified each critical role / business critical functions – evaluating how many FTE were necessary for functioning. Then prioritised the contingency list/s creating a back- up strategy for each stream.

All Feros staff were encouraged to access our Employee Engagement and Wellness Plan designed to focus staff on resilience, stress management and wellbeing, enabling increased communication across remote staff, highlighting strategies to maintain perspective whilst remaining productive. In collaboration with IT, staff who chose to work from home were supplied with all necessary tools /resources (laptops, mobile phones etc). Our Wellness Plan also included the development of 2 Feros Playbooks designed to help adjust to new ways of working.

When Government restrictions were implemented HR introduced a Designated Redeployment Plan which included methodically identifying staff with pre- existing medical conditions. Additionally, workers who chose not to continue face-to-face work were also given redeployment options, without penalty. HR formed a comprehensive collaboration with local industries / businesses enabling any terminated staff to transition into Feros and worked closely with Universities /RTOS to generate student employment– a commendable initiative at a time of rising unemployment.

Feros HR developed a CovidSafe Plan which includes a 3 Step Framework providing guidance for all staff on: Work Arrangements; Orientation; Meetings; Travel & Staff; Wellness. Leaders developed Covid- work processes; examples include:

Workplace Factsheets

Community Worker Resources

Outbreak Management Procedures

Links/Supporting Documents: