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Company: Enerjisa Üretim
Category: Employer of the Year - Energy

Nomination Title: Enerjisa Üretim



Enerjisa Üretim where generating and trading activities manages, has about 3,607 MW of installed capacity, continue to reduce the external dependency and to contribute to the competitiveness of energy trade with the mission of generating energy for a better future by respecting life.

Our goal is to be an energy company that continuously improves its knowhow, sets standards and leads the future of the industry.

Some of our successes in 2019:

-The results of production and availability at almost all power plants broke the record of all years.

-By winning Renewable Energy Resource Area “YEKA” tender we gained a total capacity of 500 MW renewable wind.

-Turkey’s first documentary, called “Santral” was published on Linkedln and we won Golden Spider award in Digital Marketing Social Media category.

-We were entitled to the merit level at the International Safety Awards organized by the British Safety Council due to our sensitivity to occupational health and safety throughout 2019.

-With the “Green Power of Water in Natural Gas Power Plant” project, awarded as the “Low Carbon Hero” by Turkey’s Sustainable Production and Consumption Association.

-According to 2018 survey, conducted by İstanbul Chamber of Industry, we took place among Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises.

-The Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction Survey : The focus of every project or application that is carried out is human. This survey, in which our internal practices, management understanding, as well as our principles and vision are evaluated by our employees, are applied every year. The purpose is to measure the level of satisfaction and loyalty of employees from our company's strategies and practices.

-Enerjine Sağlık (Healthy Energy): Because of the nature of electricity production, plants are located at the off- grid areas. Therefore, a wellness program called Enerjine Sağlık was created which increases the motivation of the employees. The purpose is to invest in employees’ physical and mental health and create new, healthier habits in their lives.

-Social projects: We conduct our activities in accordance with national legal requirements and international social performance standards and shape our social responsibility projects in line with the principles set forth in the United Nations Sustainable development goals. We allocate priority to social gender equality, children, afforestation and stray animals.

-Hobby Clubs that actively work in 2019: Cinema & Theather, Gastronomy, Travel and Game.

-Flexible Working Hours: Employees can come to the office between 7:00- 10:00 A.M and leave the office between 16:00- 19:00 PM to complete a total of 9 hours. Home office held 2 times a month.

-Flexible Side Benefits: It provides white collar employees to reorganize their existing side benefits according to their personal needs. Employees can arrange annual leave, health insurance, food service, company transport service and fuel aid benefits.


As a result of 2019, annual Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction Survey;

On the basis of top management, the average of the energy sector is %50, our top management score is %73.

On the basis of commitment, the average of the energy sector is 57%, our score is 78%.

On the basis of performance culture, the sector average is 42% while our score is 47%.

On the basis of employer brand, while the energy sector average is 66%, our score is 78%.


According to Enerjine Sağlık measurable benefits:

-90% of employees said that after the activities, work motivation increased

-Total Engagement Score in 2019 increased by 10 points to 78%. One reason for this increase is the Enerjine Sağlık wellness program that gives importance to the mental and physical health of the employee.

Employees have volunteered for these 4 topics under the leadership of the management team and started carrying out the projects. Some of the projects carried out are as follows:

-Within the scope of Gender Equality;

During the pandemic period, sewing machines were provided as gifts to women in Tufanbeyli District where our Tufanbeyli Power Plant is located.

-Within the scope of Afforestation:

In power plants and regions 3750 fruit trees were planted. The target is to plant 35 thousand trees in 2020.

595 Employees attended Cinema & Theather, Gastronomy, Travel and Game hobby clubs activities at 2019.

Flexible Side Benefits had been used by 78 % of employees at 2019 and 88% at 2020.

COVID Response:

After closely monitoring the situation crisis status has been activated on March 13th, right after the first case was reported in Turkey. Since then, crisis meetings are being held every day with the presence of CEO, CHRO, COO and two senior risk managers. Central crisis team is setting the standards in light of scientific studies, with the aim of preserving human health, complying with the law and providing the best possible output keeping in mind “power is one of the most essential services for the community” especially during the pandemic. Pandemic plans are prepared for 24 locations. Local site managements and crisis teams were given authority to implement their tailored applications. One power plant implemented protective quarantine for two months and had no interaction with outside world. Full remote working for HQ activated as of March 22nd and continues. 79 different announcements made, online professional psychological support provided, online events with employees’ kids’ are held. FAQ document has been shared. Crisis team held a webinar with all employees, answering their questions. 5,555 FFP2- 3 masks were sent to nearby hospitals and disinfection support provided for community at the beginning of the pandemic. A questionnaire has been sent to all employees, asking how they feel, how good we perform and what else could we do for them. Today the company stands with zero cases of infection in its work force at 24 different locations throughout the country, zero business interruption stemming from the pandemic and a year to date revenue exceeding financial plans.

To get to know Enerjisa Üretim more closely: https://www.enerjisauretim.com.tr/en