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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2020, Click to Enter The 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers


Company: Digital Remedy
Category: Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Nomination Title: Digital Remedy



Digital Remedy has worked to keep itself, and its clients, at the forefront of digital media for 20+ years. To foster the talent needed to succeed, employee health and wellbeing has been at our core from the start. With so much time spent in-office to serve our clients, we’ve strived to make our workplace as comfortable and stimulating as possible.

Harmony, the Digital Remedy social responsibility team, focuses on developing opportunities that promote our core values of “fostering a caring community,” and “maintaining a remarkable balance.” With Harmony, we have improved how we get involved with our communities, create a supportive workplace for our employees, and contribute to initiatives that our teams care about. Most recently, this has manifested through new programs and that prioritize employee mental health and work- life balance.

Just last year, Digital Remedy was recognized by the Stevie Awards for Great Employers for the work achieved by our Harmony Team, including our annual Mental Health Week. As our organization navigates through 2020, employee health and wellbeing continues to be a top priority. Not without its challenges, we believe this year has presented an opportunity for us to creatively serve our employees in new and meaningful ways.

Digital Remedy regularly offers employees a suite of health and wellbeing services and benefits including gym memberships, health screenings, flexible scheduling, and telecommuting options. Throughout 2019, we doubled down on our mental health initiatives with Mental Health Week, and revised both our diversity and paternity leave policies to close out the year.

Moving into 2020, COVID- 19 challenged Digital Remedy in countless ways. However, it presented the opportunity to provide employees with the tools, technology, and freedom to navigate this uncertain time, supporting and creating the most balanced experience for each of them, individually. In addition to supplying PPE and stipends to outfit their home offices and keep them safe, we wanted employees to feel emotionally supported as we began to work remotely.

From this came initiatives like "Remote Remedy" and "Flex- It Fridays" which expanded our work- from- home policy and flexible scheduling by encouraging employees to share their remote work setups, and provide greater flexibility for Friday work schedules throughout the summer. We have also hosted weekly "Bring Your Own Couch" virtual chats to provide an outlet for individuals to share what is on their minds, or just to see some familiar faces.

One of our most attended initiatives is "Physical Remedy" which has fostered friendly competition while encouraging employees to stay active even during quarantine. Employees log their workout activity to gain points, and at the end of the week, the winning team member is awarded a prize. Even remotely, this has allowed our team to stay connected, healthy, and motivated.

The challenges 2020 has ushered in are equivalent to the opportunities it has provided our People Systems teams to focus on what employees really need from an organization, especially during times of crisis or uncertainty. In- office perks are great, and we always want our team to feel happy and motivated by their workplace. However, it is important to realize how best to maintain employee health and well- being, even when the traditional workplace no longer exists.

We have seen a desire from our employees to still feel connected to their co- workers, even while working remotely. The initiatives that we have put in place have allowed us to help facilitate that connection by promoting creativity and regular communication across teams that may be feeling distant both physically and emotionally. These opportunities have also shown us that when we support our teams with the tools, freedom, and flexibility needed to create a balanced setting that is unique to each individual, they have been able to thrive during this uncertainty.

Shifting our company focus from health and happiness within the workplace, to overall employee health and wellness wherever that workplace may be, has allowed our vision of corporate balance to evolve in a positive way. By asking ourselves, "what can we, as an organization, do to support our team members during this incredibly difficult and challenging time period," we have set our organization up for success as we continue to navigate the uncertain road ahead, and for continued success in years to come.

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