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Company: Delta Defense
Category: Employer of the Year - Other Industries

Nomination Title: Delta Defense



Delta Defense is a privately held company that provides marketing, operations and customer care services to the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) - a membership organization that provides education, training and legal protection to our 325,000 members.

Services include our weekly newsletter, a video series, blog and our award-winning publication - Concealed Carry Magazine. Our flagship product provides self-defense legal protection and financial support in the event that a member needs to defend themselves or their family. We also offer products such as training materials and branded USCCA gear.

We pride ourselves on engaging interactions with customers that support our mission by providing peace of mind that we are here to protect and educate them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We fiercely defend the Delta Defense culture because it is our secret sauce. We hire rockstars, we develop our people, and we have fun while we do it (Nerf guns are optional). This is more than a workplace. We are a family and we protect each other, help each other grow, and learn together in all that we do.

We are culture defenders, industry mavericks, community supporters, and thought leaders.

Delta Defense provides many unique ways to engage, connect and grow our team of rockstars


-Bookstore/audible account

-Onsite life coach

-Friday meditation sessions, guided, gong, Tibetan bowls

-Unlimited access to local shooting range

-Onsite gym with classes offered daily

-Personal development classes facilitated by life coach

-Self-defense courses

-Volunteer events/community support

-Employee dream board - annually all employees submit visualization of their goals, posted on the dream board

-Wellness Wednesdays (food and learning)

-$250 annually to purchase personal protection


Every Thursday, the OShit meeting is facilitated by the CEO of the company. Employees are encouraged to bring challenging questions. The idea is to provide feedback about the company, ask why we do something, or bring suggestions for new ideas that make the CEO say "oh shit, we should have thought of that." The leader immediately responds and many great innovations and resolutions are derived from the meeting. Afterwards, the entire company is served a complimentary lunch and assigned tables to sit with employees they may not normally work with. This fosters an engaged culture that eliminates silos and encourages a shared mission for the organization.

CEO, COO chats - weekly 1:1 meetings offered year round

Employee driven Culture Team helps to guide company engagement initiatives


-Nerf guns

-Monthly 4pm cocktail hour

-Company parties organized by employees

-Costume contests, games, group activities

Delta Defense has a unique set of core values different than other organizations. The items above are just a sample of evidence of our living and breathing our core values:


-Believe in our mission to educate, protect and save lives

-Live the 5H's (Honest, Humble, Happy, Hungry, Healthy)

-Roll shit uphill

-Grow or die

-Get shit done because the fast eat the slow


Quarterly VOE surveys are completed companywide. Administered by a vendor – Engagement Multiplier, the surveys include quantitative and qualitative results including individual comments. Results are shared in the OShit company- wide meeting with all employees. Leaders follow- up with their teams on specific feedback.

Engagement Multiplier Customer Engagement 89.1 - This score achieves the highest possible category of engagement on the Engagement Multiplier scale.

Delta Defense was recognized in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 as a "Best Places to Work" in a state- wide employee survey administered by the Milwaukee Business Journal.


To keep our employees safe and continue running the business, Delta swiftly moved to shift our office-based employees to working from home. We accomplished this by providing laptops, Mac Mini's, 2 monitors, and a $250 stipend to buy desk chairs, desks or other office equipment at the employee’s discretion. Slack - a new communication tool, was launched to improve internal communication and provide another avenue for video conferencing


In March, the leadership team quickly put together a plan that included clear communication and approval to purchase needed equipment. The plan was launched within 48 hours of being developed, with 100% of the workforce working at home.


-No employees lost their jobs or were laid off during this time.

-When the state opened back up, employees were provided with masks and socially distant workspaces.

-Employees are given the option of returning to the office or remaining at home until Covid-19 clears.

-Virtual OShit meetings are still conducted every Thursday to stay in touch with the CEO

-Virtual happy hours are conducted regularly

-Amazon wish lists were completed by employees so we could send gifts to their homes as recognition and stress relief

-Life Coach switched to virtual counseling sessions working full-time with scheduled employees


After returning to the office, illness struck and within 24 hours we were able to shut the 1st floor down and return all employees to working from home.

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