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Company: Dell Technologies Education Services
Category: Technical Training

Nomination Title: Dell Technologies Unified Workspace 2020



The 2020 Version Badge was launched in March, 2020.

Dell Technologies Unified Workspace 2020 is a co- skilled badge program designed for enterprises that seek to simplify device lifecycle management for IT through the integration of hardware, software, and services. The program offering gives an opportunity to IT technical professional to demonstrate proficiency on Dell Technologies Unified Workspace. This program covers:

Technical knowledge of VMware Workspace ONE

Dell Factory Provisioning of VMware Workspace ONE

- Dell Client Command Suite

- Dell Power Manager

- Intel vPro out- of- band management

- Warranty management

- Intelligent support with SupportAssist Insights and TechDirect

- Unified End Point Management Zero- trust Security

This program is designed to educate IT professional on the latest capabilities for modern Unified Endpoint Management, making it easier for them to Deploy, Manage, Secure, and Support their client ecosystem (devices, apps, data, users, etc.), thereby progressing their digital transformation journey, enabling IT innovation, increasing efficiencies, and reducing costs, while improving employee productivity and satisfaction.

The industry is changing through corporate devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets running different operating systems and apps from different vendors. Deploying, securing, managing, and supporting them has become an enterprise nightmare at scale. Users are forced to work on different apps across devices, limiting or confusing them, requiring more training leading to lower productivity, and creating security issues. Many IT departments would rather spend their time working on revenue- generating projects versus spending time creating and loading images onto phones, PCs, and tablets. Imagine an organization with 10,000 PCs, tablets, Chromebooks, phones in their workforce, and how this could impact their organization.

The Dell Technologies Unified Workspace 2020 program enables users with device selection, deployment, security, management, and support through flexible, scalable services, and solutions that integrate with any customer environment, regardless of OS, device and cloud environment.

Typically, the IT department in any organization spends more time in handling tasks such as device deployment, troubleshooting, and monitoring. What if all these could be simplified through the Unified Workspace to free up IT resources and ease the burden on IT staff and improve the end- user workplace experience?

A right training solution was required to support the Unified Workspace product. The perfect training solution comes with various benefits to the organization. It increases IT engagement, retention, and productivity. The question becomes how to prepare training for a large scale of IT for an organization. The electronic learning such as online On- Demand course is the ideal choice as compared to traditional training. The online On- Demand model supports the learner’s development in real- time and offers a certain degree of personalization and synchronization.

The online On- Demand course was developed using the SCRUM development method which concentrates specifically on managing tasks within each iteration of the process flow. This is to ensure that typical analysis- phase output is further defined to solidify the scope of the course for instructional designers, content developers, and client stakeholders. The most effective way to train all the users using the Workspace ONE Management tool spread across the globe was via online On- Demand training by engaging various content instructional strategies, which increased the effective use of the tool through innovation.

This program offers not only to help the IT Professional to enhance their skill and knowledge but also benefits the Client and Enterprise organizations. More and more organizations turning to solutions like this to manage their increasingly mobile workforce. Customers saving even more time by adopting ProDeploy Client Suite in the Unified Workspace as it truly leaves the deployment driving to Dell. The biggest challenge is to train all the users across the globe in terms of cost, time- to- market, and the ability to adapt to the changes in the business.

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