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Company: Dell Technologies Education Services
Category: Skills Training

Nomination Title: Residency Orientation




Residency Orientation is an onboarding course for internal employees as well as partners seeking to build competency as a Resident Engineer. It pairs trained ProSupport engineers with our customers allowing them to provide on-premise support, resolve production issues faster with no or minimal downtime, augment staff capacity, and integrate with other departments such as Sales, Services, Support, and Delivery.


Many of our customers manage a great deal of change, grouped into four transformation areas: digital, workforce, security and IT transformation; Dell Technologies Services has the most influence on, IT transformation. As customers modernize their data centers, it is imperative to speed them along with services that combine seasoned expertise and patented technology. Defining and implementing processes to deploy, support and maintain IT operations is critical. Identifying the roles and skills needed to manage the infrastructure and organizing around delivering services is of paramount importance. There is a broad portfolio of service offerings to accelerate the deployment and adoption of Dell Technologies products, and rapidly drive maximum business value for customer’s infrastructure.

With this background, a versatile, competent, and skilled engineer base was required to help customers quickly gain the value of our products and services -- from post-deployment into the production phase to operations. Even more important was to train and equip them to handle a complex role which was intentionally kept flexible, supporting a multitude of customer environments across the globe driving industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Residency Orientation is a web course that onboards ProSupport Engineer to Residency program with a depth of knowledge in specific product technology and access to training and certification paths, ensuring to stay knowledgeable on new technologies.

Some of the key elements of the course:

  • Provides overview on Dell Technologies portfolio of service offerings, accelerate the deployment and adoption of Dell Technologies products, and rapidly drive maximum business value for customer’s infrastructure.
  • Updates about the necessary administrative tasks and provide the required support to optimize customer’s operations.
  • Sets clear boundaries on support, learn how to collaborate with other organizations like Sales, Support and Delivery.
  • Provides platform to upgrade skillsets with Dell Technologies Proven Professional program certification in respective domains.
  • Emphasizes on quarterly accreditation trainings, key deliverables, available resources, and escalation procedures.

Course Structure
The web course is a product-agnostic and focuses on continuously improving the skill sets based on customer’s project, its duration and complexity, technical expertise of the engineer in specific domain, and business resiliency.

The course is designed to recommend the engineers to follow a learning path of his/her choice within the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Program, which is recognized as the industry standard for training and testing in Dell Technologies products. Proven Professional covers the full range of Dell Technologies hardware, software and solutions. The focus on technology provides concepts and principles that can be applied to all IT environments.

The design also looks very closely at the real problems faced by customers. Some of the typical scenarios and case studies were observed, reported and updated in the course to prepare the engineers for the real-world challenges.

Mode of Delivery
Residency Orientation was designed as a web course based on ADDIE model, and was structured in a linear fashion using various levels of interactivity in all topics to engage the learners for effective learning and higher knowledge retention. The authoring tool allowed the usage of conditions to navigate in the course. Various interactive elements like video for introduction section, audio explaining the details throughout the course, Closed Captions [CC] for the benefit of regional audience and ease of localizing the content, Infographics, scenario-based testing, have been used to enhance the learner experience.

Business Impact
This course is available for both internal employees as well as partners. It acts as a bridge for enthusiast engineer to make the grade as a Resident expert along with associated certifications. The English version of the course has a good number of registrations in the very first quarter of launch, while expecting the registrations to significantly increase after localized content is available.

Change Management Efforts
With the ever-increasing technology solutions provided to the customers, maintaining the course relevant and up to date was a challenge especially with reference to support boundaries. The scope was defined and redefined multiple times during the course of development. Finally, changes were made to provide general guidelines and the best approach for various customers’ demands and escalations.

Using high level of creativity and interactivity in the existing authoring tool was not possible, hence the developer relied on using multiple tools for development and integrate it into the LCMS for creating a SCORM package. This helped harness the best of both worlds – ease of managing, curating, publishing the content using LCMS and developing an interactive and engaging content for modern learners using the content authoring tool.

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