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Company: Dell Technologies Education Services
Category: New Hire Training

Nomination Title: New Hire Foundations




The New Hire Foundations course is designed to prepare technical support personnel to handle technical issues in a manner that is consistent with both Dell Technologies and customer expectations.

The new hire core curriculum is a set of common content and subject areas required to develop successful tech support personnel. The curriculum will cover the following areas:

-Products and Technology

-Tools and Applications


-Customer Experience and Professional Skills

The Client New Hire Curriculum is an onboarding course, which includes all the foundational courses, necessary for tech support personnel’s, in the format of On Demand (OD), Labs and ILT/VILT courses. And, this is structured in the Mini block format.

It is a relevant & structured content with better engagement (Visuals & Quizzes), which gives detailed explanation through animation and simulations. It has Top Call Drivers (TCD) scenario-based Lab exercises and end of block assessment to assess knowledge retention.

However, it does have some of the known challenges in understanding, like self-based learning. But for this Instructor intervention is provided for all technical and long duration OD modules and a regular dip check is done after every OD module to check the retention and understanding of the concepts. Final assessment correction is also provided at the end of the course and tracks the progress of stakeholder Interlocks.
It includes ILT/VILT, On-demand (eLearning and on-demand labs), Interactive student experiences and Video training, that includes the different types of content, assessments and EduTube.

This course will drive the percentage conversion of New Hire Training from classroom to blended model for all Client Technical Support LOBs, enabling the re-purpose of delivery footprint and diversifying skillset in support of DEES. In addition, it leads the delivery compliance to global new hire content/model by addressing existing challenges in governance, structure, assessment, reporting and through stakeholder communication plans.

Measuring Business Metrics & Results
The New Hire Modules has multi-modality options and improved content. It includes the Revised New Hire Framework and assessments to drive the delivery compliance towards globally approved curriculum/content. There is lifecycle management/governance on content, along with refreshing the same. In addition, it has stakeholder approved content with inputs on changes, if any.

Upcoming State
The Multi-modality new hire content (ILT, VILT & on-demand) is aligned to the ecosystem, which is highly interactive, technology-based solution tailored to learner needs, and is flexible with Modular New Hire Framework. It is delivery compliant with a LCMS approved content and has a reposition trainer footprint to support all the NH Facilitators.

Course Structure
The course curriculum is organized in a mini-block structure. There are 14 mini-blocks in total and are as follows:

1. Welcome to Dell Technologies
2. Global Soft Skills
3. Case Management
4. Tools for the Job
5. Customer Entitlement and Support
6. Taking a Call
7. Dispatching
8. Tools for Technical Solutions
9. Client Product Foundations
10. Hardware Troubleshooting
11. Software Troubleshooting
12. Windows Foundations
13. Networking Foundations
14. Compliance

Assessments throughout the course will be based on the mini-blocks and not all mini-blocks will have an associated assessment. Since all mini-blocks will not necessarily be delivered as a contiguous block of content, it is important to ensure that a mini-block assessment is not delivered until all the modules within the block are delivered.

Course Framework
The following mini blocks contains the list of courses included in this structure.

Mini Blocks
The modules listed in the course are in a specific learning path, which the learner would follow to complete them. However, after the completion of this course at some point if the learner feels the need for a refresher of a specific topic or lesson, they can go and access these modules/topics/lessons individually apart from the learning path and complete them.

It all became possible because the modules are constructed in a mini block format and the following lists the courses included in each mini block.

Welcome to Dell Technologies
This mini block includes all the foundational courses that provides an opportunity for the facilitator to get to know the class and establish both expertise and rapport with the learners. It provides the class with a high-level view of the entire new hire course and give learners an understanding of history of the company and how it came to become the Dell Technologies. This module gives a walk through on how we work and how we lead as an organization. In addition, it reveals the standard of quality that is laid out in our quality policy along with exploring the concept of NPS. And, familiarize the new hires with the overall Dell Technologies business structure and show them where they fit in the big picture.

Global Soft Skills
This mini block consists of modules that provide a highly engaging experience for the learner where a variety of topics relating to empathy, listening, rapport, and communication are discussed. This is primarily achieved through discussion and activities. It also discusses about the variety of topics relating to setting expectations, questioning skills, and evaluating the customer’s issue. These modules also provide a highly engaging experience for the learner where we discuss a variety of topics relating to customer viewpoints, difficult messaging, and de-escalation, which is achieved through discussion and activities.

Case Management
The mini block includes courses which helps in familiarizing the learners with the proper concepts and methods for documenting cases. It also provides learners with examples of proper case logging and helps in aligning the new hires with the level of professional writing that is expected, both internally and with our external customers. This includes courses designed to introduce learners to the concept and process of case ownership and has a lab that supports the Case Management mini-block and all the included modules.

Tools for the Job
This mini block includes courses that are designed to introduce the MyLearning site to new hire agents and familiarize learners with Outlook and Skype as these are the primary email and messaging tools they will be using throughout their time at Dell Technologies

Customer Entitlement and Support
This mini block contains courses that familiarizes the new hires with the various types of service contracts that they will be supporting along with the CRM tool, which is used to create, log, and dispatch a case. This block also includes courses designed to introduce tech support agents to the tool. At the end of this mini block, there is a lab designed to allow agents to have hands on practice on finding entitlement information in multiple tools.

Taking a Call
This mini block contains courses that introduces learners at the different elements of a typical support call at a very high level. The purpose of this module is to provide a deeper understanding of the flow of support call by layering tools and processes on top of the high-level call flow. It introduces new hires to the process when dispatching under certain conditions. In the end of this mini block, there is a lab designed to allow the learners to practice the skills they have learned at strategic moments throughout the new hire course.

This mini block contains an overview about the CRM tool and walks the learners on how to create, log, and dispatch a case. It introduces them to the tools used to look up part numbers for dispatch , It provides an overview about dispatch process and the various types of system exchanges. In the end of the mini block, it includes practices exercises allowing learners to practice part selection and dispatching in order to get comfortable with the processes and produce fast and accurate dispatches.

Tools for Technical Solutions
This mini block introduces the new hires to the links management tool and the features it offers to simplify their work. In addition, it introduces them to the Dell support site and the features that can be used to assist the customer, along with the best uses for the tool, At the end, there is a lab that provides the learners with real world practice with the tools covered in this mini-block.

Client Product Foundations
This mini block includes courses that familiarize new hires with the various lines of business that we are supporting. The purpose of this course is to:

-Provide learners with best practices for handling sensitive computer components prior to performing system teardowns

-Walk new hires through how a computer works when it works and the role of each component in the system

-Introduce learners to the basic process of setting up a computer for first use so they can be better equipped to assist customers in need of help with the process

At the end of this mini block, there is a lab designed to familiarize learners with the inner hardware components of a computer by having them tear down systems and put them back together.

Hardware Troubleshooting
This mini block is designed to change the learner’s mindset to a troubleshooting way of thinking. It includes courses designed to combine the lessons learned about how a computer works and a troubleshooting mindset to begin thinking in terms of resolving problems. It covers computer hardware issues outside of the power, POST, video, boot process. In addition, it introduces new hires to various setup requirements and troubleshooting methods for multiple monitor configurations. At the end of this mini block, there is a lab that gives learners a real-life opportunity to apply what they have learned by troubleshooting several pre-staged hardware issues.

Software Troubleshooting
This mini block introduces new hires to troubleshooting techniques for Microsoft Office issues. It introduces the topic blue screen errors and the troubleshooting steps. It also talks about the Dell Digital Locker software management and recovery tool.

Windows Foundations
This mini block introduces the new hires to the Windows 10 operating system and how to navigate around it. It is designed to be heavily learner-driven and is positioned almost as a knowledge check for the learner where they learn as they begin to perform the steps. It introduces them to the process of reinstalling Windows and the situations and pitfalls of the process, DDRE and how to use it, SOS Recovery tool and how to effectively use it to help customers. At the end of this block, there is a lab designed to provide the learners an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in a real environment.

Networking Foundations
This mini block is designed to introduce basic networking concepts and basic troubleshooting techniques that helps in identifying a variety of common networking issues.

This mini block is designed to provide basic guidelines when dealing with potential legal issues when working with customers, along with the annual ethics and compliance training that every employee must complete each year. All new hires are required to complete it at the beginning of their tenure at Dell.

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