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Company: Dell Technologies
Category: Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion

Nomination Title: Dell Services & Digital Diversity & Inclusion Initiative – Changing the Face of Tech 2019


Dell Technologies provides IT solutions for customers worldwide, ranging from individual consumers to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Dell is committed to transforming business, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress.

The Services & Digital organization is Dell’s largest business unit, comprised of over 45,000 team members. The Services & Digital (S&D) leadership team is committed to Dell becoming the employer of choice for all and believes that closing the diversity gap is critical to meeting future talent needs. In order to address these needs, the business, in partnership with HR, chose to build and empower the future workforce through a grass- roots initiative called Changing the Face of Tech (CTFT). CTFT launched in 2018 to attract, engage and hire diverse intern & full- time talent. Now, with 2 years under its belt, the program supports building a unique and diverse talent pipeline and opens the talent pool to the next generation of traditionally underrepresented groups in tech.

CTFT’s 2019 achievements include the following

-Strengthened the program’s reach (YoY): (Image #1 CFT YoY Results)

-Exceeded the number of CTFT student engagements (200 in 2018 vs 350+ students engaged across 5 core events in 2019)

-Exceeded the number of CTFT student hires (16 in 2018 vs. 21 in 2019) Partnered with 4 or more university campuses that believe in our cause Opened CTFT hiring opportunities to other business units outside of S&D

-Created meaningful experiences for potential candidates(Image #3 Model/Program Structure)

Provided diverse students with unique, personalized experiences to learn more about career opportunities in tech Exposed students to key skills/experiences needed in a corporate, technical environment
Enabled students to build relationships with Dell’s own young professionals of color Addressed biases and the feeling of not belonging in tech
Increased employee engagement for Dell team members and leaders:

-Provided CTFT alumni meaningful and impactful roles in the 2019 CTFT strategy(CTFT Campus Ambassador) Partnered with Dell’s Employee Resource Groups to introduce diverse Dell talent to CTFT candidates Showcased our leaders’ passion and commitment to building a more inclusive culture at Dell

-Achievement of corporate goals: Commitment to growing a diverse culture with recent graduate (RG) talent

-Supported corporate goal that 25% of all external hires come from RG programs (0- 3 years out of college) by the year 2020. For 2019, S&D exceeded the 25% goal, landing at 27%.

-2019 RG hires were 12% more diverse than non- RG hires into the S&D organization. Ethnic diversity of RG hires increased 9% from 2018.

In order to achieve the above, the program design had to attract and develop diverse talent using a new lens – that of the applicant! CTFT took more of a “grass- roots” approach which focused less on corporate speak and Dell’s standard recruiting methods and dove deep to establish and build upon strong, genuine relationships with future and potential talent and key university stakeholders. (Reference Image #2 illustrates those key on- campus relationships)

A creative approach set CTFT apart from other recruiting efforts at Dell:

CTFT consisted of authentic and personalized experiences that focused on the unique needs of students of color, including:

-Discussing the challenges of being a first- generation college student

-Advice on how to balance student loans, rent and even a “side gig”, while working

-Recommendations on how to carry and dress yourself (personal brand) in a corporate environment that may not be used to your cultural traditions

Students identified as high potential were paired with Dell “mentors” to check in on them throughout the recruiting process and serve as a guide to help navigate the corporate environment.

CTFT hired 21+ Intern and Full- time employees with a 95% acceptance rate, which is higher than nearly all other Dell accept rates.

The average CTFT hire cost ~$950 vs. the standard rate of $3,000- 5,000.

As an added bonus, CTFT attendees shared their experiences on social media highlighting their passion, excitement and gratitude for this unique experience. This elevated Dell’s brand as an inclusive employer. (See weblink for reference)

Links/Supporting Documents:

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mitali-dave_changingthefaceoftech-dellfaceoftech-delldiversity-activity-6596589499743072256- hwR0/