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Company: Deutsche Telekom Services Europe SE
Category:Achievement in Competencies and Skill Development or Management

Nomination Title: Fresh Ups Employment Law - complex labor law simply explained


The Deutsche Telekom Services Europe SE (DTSE SE) is the internal service provider for the Group of Deutsche Telekom. The main services are in the areas of human resources, finance, purchasing and reporting. Customer satisfaction, quality and innovation are at the forefront of the company.

Our department HR Guidance and Methods (HGM) within the DTSE is responsible, among other things, for the digitalization and automation of DTSE's HR processes. In particular this includes the development of mobile services/apps by using agile methods. In addition to overarching HR tasks for the operational area "Hire to Retire", another focus of our work is legal advice on employment law issues. This also includes the conceptual design and implementation of training courses on labor law.

We conducted training courses in 2019 as presence training sessions on labor law fundamentals in Germany and Romania for the operational "Hire to Retire" (HTR) employees. As operative HR employees, they often require background knowledge of labor law in order to complete their tasks. So that the employees do not have to approach other colleagues or lawyers with every labor law issue, it was necessary to carry out the above- mentioned training.

Subsequently, we received very positive feedback and the demand for further training in labor law was high. However, the disadvantage of these face- to- face trainings is that they are very costly and time- consuming. In addition, knowledge flattens after presence trainings and must be repeated after a certain time.

Based on these facts, we have looked for solutions to optimize costs and resource utiliz ation. Since we at HGM stand for innovation and, as already mentioned, would like to promote digitization in the HR sector within our group, we have found a solution that is digitally available to the processors, individual and topic- related (i.e. adapted to the requirements of the processors) and easy to understand. Therefore, we have developed our "Fresh Ups Employment Law".

The project offers, for example, the opportunity to look up contents relating to labor law on the Deutsche Telekom intranet and thus gain and deepen knowledge. The operative HR employees have the opportunity to use various modules at any time in the form of learning videos in which we simply explain the complex subject area of German labor law. We have divided the modules into three subject areas - basic knowledge, expert knowledge and specialist knowledge. Furthermore, the three subject areas are categorized. For example, the subject area "specialist knowledge" includes the categories "employment relationship" and "working hours".

By means of PowerPoint- based filming including sound and subtitles, a barrier- free format is made possible. We create the modules exclusively with our own resources.

The provided digital platform offers many advantages: On the one hand, the above- mentioned cost optimization. Since we create the Fresh Up modules ourselves, i.e. without external agencies, we save considerable costs. On the other hand, with the help of the modules our customers have the possibility of expanding their knowledge of labor law from their home office, independent of location, i.e. also currently in times of the pandemic triggered by the SARS- CoV- 2 virus, in contrast to face- to- face training where the presence of employees is necessary. Furthermore, Fresh Ups Employment Law also enables new employees to be efficiently trained, as they have all the information, they need to process their customer orders as legal background knowledge structured and fully available.

The website has a very clear structure, as the individual modules are categorized according to topic. For example, the category "Employment relationship" includes the modules "Employment contracts" and "Temporary employment". A color concept clarifies the thematic allocation of the learning modules to the categories. The website is modern and easy to use. The search function is fast and references the content of each module. Finally, we also provide current news relevant to labor law for our customers.

The rollout of our project took place at the beginning of April 2020 with 16 modules. Further modules, already in production, will be ready for final deployment at the beginning of May and the end of June. Already after the first days of the "GO- Live" we received throughout positive feedback from our customers.