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Company: Deutsche Telekom Services Europe SE
Category: Self-Service HR Solution - Implementation

Nomination Title: Parental leave app- help our business’s mothers and fathers to focus on the happiest time of their lives.


Deutsche Telekom Services Europe SE is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG and provides purchasing, accounting and human resources services for Deutsche Telekom with locations in Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our department, HR Guidance and Methods takes part in the digitalization. The main aim is to make processes more efficient and make the employees life as simple as possible, by providing employee services and apps. Examples for already realized apps are:

- The time booking App, to book their coming and leaving times on the go, via app.

- The sick note App, to get rid of unwanted paperwork and post endings, to upload sicknotes via app.

Our Parental Leave App is a digital HR app solution for our Telekom employees who are expecting a child, are already on maternity leave or are on parental leave or would like to apply for parental leave.

What can the app do?

We make life easier for our employees and at the same time take them one step closer to digitalized work.

It shortens the process time for procedures relating to pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave. Instead of filling out applications by hand, sending them by mail and waiting for a feedback without transparency on the order status, these things can be done via app. By displaying the possible steps, expectant parents have an overview of the status of delivered documents, their to- do's and appointments. They are guided through the process. This means that steps that are not required are marked as not relevant.

The personal data, affiliations in the company and information on the manager are stored. Private contacts, such as e- mail address and telephone number, can be maintained. In this way, employees are kept up to date on any changes that may occur during parental leave.

In addition, there is the "stay in contact" function, which parents can use to exchange information within the company, answer any questions they may have and keep in touch with the company.

The app was designed and implemented in an agile way from April to December 2019. The first pregnancy was reported via app at the end of December.

Benefits of the App:

- Simple, transparent and fast

- Offers security and a perspective in the company

- A connection to the company during parental leave - "community".

- Sets the focus on the essentials and away from paperwork

- Simple and comfortable design with focus on usability

- Documents can be uploaded via the scan function

- Stress- free - the timeline keeps you informed about the to- do's