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Company: Cisco
Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Team of the Year

Nomination Title: Cisco's Talent Brand Team (@WeAreCisco)



The @WeAreCisco Talent Brand goals don’t change from channel to channel, but our tactics do. Our mission continues to be to present an authentic view of Cisco’s culture and reputation as a great place to work to candidates by using employee- generated content. We operate with the motto of Be You, With Us. #WeAreCisco.

We take our mission of making “Personal Connections with Talent” seriously, and in the process, possibly created a new industry acronym for our strategy – EGC, or Employee- Generated Content. Everything we do is grounded in this strategy, and it’s a gamble that continues to pay off.

Our audience was telling us that 2019 would be the year for the @WeAreCisco team to go “all in” on live video. We were very comfortable with giving employees the keys to be our voice, as we had two years of a successful, employee- takeover- driven Snapchat activation. We were used to raw, unfiltered, “anything can happen” content and employees as the host. We took that Snapchat success and rolled it into a Facebook Live strategy, but in 2019, we found our groove with Live and Video. We also continued to recruit talent through our employee- generated content (EGC) strategy.

Talent Attraction through:

LinkedIn Live Beta

The quirks of the 2019 Beta and LinkedIn’s platform meant we had to shift slightly to a more “polished” anything- can- happen strategy.

Social Videos

Talent Brand teamed up with PhCreative to showcase our employees and culture in a whole new way - with our “Be You, With Us” motto – with employees as the stars (& extras!)

With a “cornerstone” video and a series of employee vignettes we showcased the theme “don’t follow the herd.” “Cisco doesn’t want you to blend in, we want you to stand out, not because of your differences, but in spite of them.”

Employee- Generated Content

*Life at Cisco Blog - Every post is bylined by an employee – their words, our polish. The blog broke records in 2019 for visits and views. Several blogs told how other blogs influenced their Cisco decision!

*#WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork Contest - Our 4th annual employee contest created a steady stream of Employee- Generated Content (EGC) that we use in all of our marketing. We doubled the entry goal from 2018 AND donated $2 for every post that employees made to charity.

*Intern Week 2019 - We didn’t celebrate JUST National Intern Day, but made it a week of showcasing Cisco interns to display our culture and attract talent. We encouraged interns to share their experiences in their own social channels to increase our brand reach. We also had a multi- channel approach, including intern takeovers on their college accounts to showcase our internships.

Cisco’s Talent Brand team’s metrics and business outcomes for talent attraction are all detailed in the supplementals. However, to show you a few highlights of how our team looks at metrics for our efforts, here is a highlight list.

Instagram Live – 15% more live views YOY and 9% more 24- hour views YOY

LinkedIn Live – Participated in the Beta - 260K Min. Watched, 60% from key talent with 2X average engagement. One live video increased organic impressions by 95%, shares by 81% and reactions by 247% vs previous day

Videos for Social - Don’t Follow The Herd: 459K views (so far), high view rates. 5 Employee Vignettes: 850K combined views, high completions

Life at Cisco Blog - Visits up 43% with a 60% bounce rate = engaged readers

#WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork contest - 2X previous year’s entries, most yet at 4K+, 56% share of voice in the #LoveWhereYouWork conversation in social and $2 of each entry to charity!


Our KPIs all follow the marketing funnel, growing awareness, engaging talent to consider Cisco as a great place to work, and taking an action (visit a blog, go to the careers site, etc.) All of this has the foundation of employee advocacy as a trusted source of information, but also as a retention and referral model.



https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIk8ZVuA5R9bsATUSz 0K_VN3V- Gi- daT