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Company: Cathay United Bank
Category: Most Innovative Learning and Development Program

Nomination Title: Employees’ Journey of Transformation



Cathay United Bank (CUB) was established on May 20, 1975 and for the past 40 years, the Bank has taken firm roots in the local market. With 165 branches in Taiwan and 10,745 employees as of 2019, CUB is the largest private bank in Taiwan. The Bank offers a wide range of financial services, including wealth management, consumer finance, digital finance, corporate finance, international finance, private banking, trust investment. Our quality services have received plentiful awards and are highly recognized by domestic and international institutions.

In the era of Fintech, traditional finance has transitioned to digital finance. Meanwhile, job opportunities for first- line workers in the global banking industry are dwindling in a large scale because digital technology and robots can also provide services to customers. However, is laying off employees the sole path to transformation? CUB believes that employees are essential assets of the Bank. By helping employees reshape their mindsets, the Bank can nurture professional and thoughtful salespeople so as to optimize customer service experiences, from which the Bank will benefit more. Therefore, the Bank launched Employees’ Journey of Transformation in 2019 and has accomplished the following achievements:

1. The Bank created a learning journey- The journey centers on employees’ experiences during the training period and established 3 milestones to guide employees through the transformation process painlessly.

2. Employees who received the training succeeded in serving as salespeople- On average, the rate of achieving sales targets for employees who completed the training reached 177%.
3. The outcome of the training reached Level 5 (Jack Philips)- The ROI of training hit a record high of 2560%.

(References: Dr. Jack Phillips ROI Methodology)

In the past, when back office employees were transforming to salespeople, there are 3 major difficulties that need to be overcome during the training process:

1. Variance exists in employees’ mindset toward transformation: Employees are unclear or even intimidated as to the direction of transformation.

2. Lack of professional skills: Employees are eager to make transformation but are hesitant due to lack of necessary professional skills.

3. Promotion of transformation: An atmosphere encouraging transformation needs to be enhanced inside the Bank.

In order to surmount these challenges, in the Employees’ Journey of Transformation, CUB sets 3 milestones, allowing back office employees to transform into professional and thoughtful salespeople.

[The Attitude Milestone] The aim in this phase is to help employees build positive attitudes, reach a consensus on transformation, and cement the camaraderie formed during the transformation process. Employees can understand the purpose and directions of transformation through progressive trainings and ease their fears toward transformation.

[The Profession Milestone] After employees develop the positive mindset, a tailored blueprint for training awaits them. The Bank customizes the training content for employees to supplement the knowledge they need for transformation, including basic knowledge and practical skills catering to the latest trend in the market for physical and digital banking.

[The Passing on experiences Milestone] With the support of lecturer trainings and internal lecturer mechanism, employees who successfully transformed can serve as internal lecturers to share their experiences, brining influence to more people.


1. 97.8% of trainees found the Employees’ Journey of Transformation satisfactory (the satisfaction rate of professional training in 2018 was 97.3).

2. The retention rate of employees who completed the journey is 97.5%, way above the Bank’s average of 90.5%.

3. The rate of achieving sales targets for employees who completed the training reached 177%, higher than general salespeople’s average of 136%.

4. The ROI of Employees’ Journey of Transformation amounts to 2,560%. In other words, for every NTD invested in the transformation training, profit of NTD25.6 can be generated. The number increased by 563% in comparison with that in 2018 (1,997%).

5. The Bank receives numerous domestic and overseas awards concerning customer service.

Links/Supporting Documents:

Video clip “Employees’ Journey of Transformation” : https://youtu.be/3AhEIEhnkHM