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Company: Albaraka Türk Participation Bank
Category: Achievement in Learning Technology Implementation

Nomination: Albaraka Turk Learning Technology Implementation



There are 52 different banks operating in Turkey and these banks have totally 208.000 employees and 10.385 branches. Albaraka Turk is the first participation bank in Turkey since 1985. It operates in 61 different cities with 231 branches including abroad branches and has 4.164 employees helping our valuable clients in a wide geography. Employees in the bank are dispersed in a wide area and they need to provide the customers of Albaraka Turk a consistent and up- to- date products and services.

There is a competitive environment in Turkish Banking Sector. The main competition among banks in Turkey is concerning with innovative products and it can be easily said that the banks are in a digital transformation process in Turkey. Conducting trainings about products and business processes to employees in a short time period is crucial for Albaraka Turk’s organizational goals and business success. With the rise of digitalization in the globalizing world in education has become inevitable for the bank to avoid some problems and to train employees in a short time. For this reason, Albaraka Turk has started to use virtual classrooms.

With the use of virtual classrooms for certification of the employees in Albaraka Turk, there have been a lot of financial savings on various items such as transportation, accommodation, shuttle, food, document services and hiring trainers, which have to be considered extensively for any traditional type of trainings. The total amount of financial savings has been approximately 4.000.000₺ in 2019.

In addition to the financial benefits for the bank, the use of virtual classrooms has also influenced the numbers related to the usage of online trainings provided by Albaraka Academy notably. The online training time duration has reached to 33,4 hours per employee in 2019 while it had been 24,48 hours in 2018.

After the end of Virtual Classroom Trainings, the participants have been given a survey in order to measure their satisfaction level about the virtual trainings. According to the results of these surveys, most of the participants have been satisfied with the program in at the rate of %91.

According to data of branch’s performance scores, there is an incredible average increase (%87) in the performances of branches of the participants taken virtual classrooms.

With this saving amount, Training and Career Management Department has also compensated from the department budget. Consequently, the APG score of Training and Career Management Department which is used in Department Performance Evaluations has been increased from 3,0 to 4,0.

The high satisfaction rate of employees is the most crucial point for the success of a new project. Previously, our employees faced with undesirable situations such as moving away from their cities and staying away from their families for attending trainings which are realized at head office. The idea of the virtual classroom started from this point. With using of virtual classrooms, our employees have a chance to attend trainings from their homes by using computers, tablets and mobile phones. As a result, there is %91 satisfaction rate among employees within the organization.

Using training budgets efficiently is so crucial for organizing more and different types of trainings for all employees. Unfortunately, most of these budgets are spent for transportation and accommodation. For this reason, in some cases, if the budget is not sufficient, the trainings can be postponed or put in priority. With the use of virtual classrooms, the transportation and accommodation costs that we use for a significant part of our training budget, have been considerably reduced. Thus, more employees were allowed to participate in different trainings.

Due to Covid- 19 epidemic, all classroom training activities of the companies which operate in Turkey, have been canceled. Most of companies caught unprepared for this epidemic and so they could not continue their educational activities. On the other hand, Albaraka Turk, which has been using virtual classrooms since 2018, has carried out all its classroom trainings through virtual classrooms and continued its activities at full speed.

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