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Company: Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals
Category: Achievement in Succession and Career Management

Nomination Title: Sales Force Talent Management



Abdi Ibrahim, established in 1912, is the top-ranking company in Turkey among 400 Pharmaceutical companies including global players. Total number of employees is 4.600. 50% of the total population consists of the sales force. The vision of the company is to rank among the top 100 companies around the world. Launching new products at new therapeutic areas requires the expansion of the sales force which in turn forces Abdi Ibrahim to develop its own leaders. Abdi Ibrahim, with its aggressively growing structure each year; needs to appoint new District Managers. Besides recruitment of external candidates, the main goal is to provide an opportunity for internal talents. The number of internal appointments for District Manager role each year at Abdi Ibrahim is bigger than the total number of District Managers of many Pharmaceutical companies in Turkey.

The drawbacks of Sales Force Talent Management were as stated below in the past:

-Appointments were based heavily on solid managerial decision
-No agreement and/or consent were existing for the talents
-Limited tools used to define talent
-There was a lack of feedback culture
-The appointments of ineligible people were causing high turnover rate of real talents
-Mindset was missing for effective succession planning

2. Outline the team's or organization's achievements since the beginning of 2019 that you wish to bring to the judges' attention (up to 250 words). Required

In 2019, The District Manager Appointment Process as part of the Sales Force Talent Management System became more transparent, objective and fair.

The transformations that contributed to our success were as follows:

➢ Success profiles reflecting the strategic vision of the role: “District Manager” has been re-defined.
➢ Reasoning Tests, Personality and Value / Motivation Inventories put in place for proper evaluation and elimination of internal applications.
➢ 9-Box, reflecting both the performance and potential of candidates, used as an approach and talent pool is formed.
➢ First line managers involved in the process as a committee to make the initial elimination through mutual agreement on candidates. Tools are used like Candidates’ Presentation and Case Studies in which Competency Based Evaluation took place at the end.
➢ First line managers have been trained for competency based high-quality discussions.
➢ Assessment Center has been organized for the internal candidates passing the committee.
➢ Culture consisting of prompt feedback and open communication has been formed through organizing feedback sessions after the Assesmments and committee meetings.
➢ All Medical Reps, as the potential candidates for District Manager role, have been well informed on the selection process, and about the new success profile; thus increasing their self- awareness.
➢ 6 months evaluation period defined for the new managerial role and a chance to return to the previous role given.
➢ Each step designed to be a scientific filter for the next step ensuring all candidates are provided with concrete and constructive feedback.

3. Why the achievements you have highlighted are unique or significant. If possible, compare the achievements to the performance of other players in your industry and/or to the team's or organization's past performance (up to 250 words). Required

The main aims for restructuring the “District Manager Appointment Process” were;

- To provide career opportunities for internal talents which in turn will increase the retention of talents and lower turnover at sales force.

Number of Medical Reps applying to the selection process to become a District Manager

2017 - 249
2019 – 574

The number of applications increased sharply reflecting the trust of the sales force to the new system.

There was no selection process in 2018.