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Company: Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals
Category: Most Innovative Use of HR Technology During the Pandemic

Nomination Title: Health to Your Home



Within the scope of the measures taken against Covid- 19, which has become a major problem in the world and our country, most of us have worked from home or went to our office alternately for about 3 months. As “Hayatı İyileştirenler”, in the pandemic process; we have established 3 committees to support our colleagues to spend their time at home efficiently, to keep their motivation high, and to ensure their health and safety. Two of these committees were responsible for making decisions regarding employee health and safety. The other was responsible for employee engagement and motivation, which named as “Millennials. It is a committee established based on volunteerism consisting of the generation Y, which aims to increase the happiness and loyalty of the employees in Abdi İbrahim. This committee, with the collaboration of Human Resources and Corporate Communications teams, launched our internal communication project "Evine Sağlık" (Health to Your Home) through our digital communication platform Microsoft Teams on 30 March 2020.

While we were designing the concept of Health to Your Home, we were inspired by the phrase of Eline Sağlık (God bless your hands) which is widely used in Turkish. The phrase of Eline Sağlık refers to wishing health and well- being to the person who does something beautiful with handwork. We used this phrase in this period when we shared similar concerns when our soul, physical health, and relationships were threatened, by changing it to Health to Your Home and we aimed to bring health to our colleagues' houses.

During the COVID- 19 process; while the factory continued to produce in place, the headquarter employees were working from home and field force experienced remote working because they could not visit hospitals and pharmacies. Everyone's working routine has changed. Our goal with the Health to Your Home internal communication project was to maintain our spiritual integrity and personal development while keeping the psychology of the employees in balance to adapt to the “New Normal”. Thus, based on the balance model that focuses on mental and physical health, we have launched Health to Your Home. Microsoft Teams has become an important tool that enables us to reach our employees and their families. We have invited our internal and external networks as a speaker. Every week, we hosted our internal experts and also special free of charge guest speakers from many different disciplines.

In the light of the feedback we received through employee feedback surveys, we constantly updated our live broadcasts. Live broadcasts were directed by a moderator and a co-moderator. Our employees enriched the content by participating in live broadcasts with their questions and comments. We have made 108 live broadcasts; 44 of these were made with the sub- concept of the Health to Your Mind, 37 for the Health to Your Body, 19 for the Health to Your Soul, and 8 for the Health to Your Hand. The total number of users participating in our live broadcasts has exceeded 20 thousand, and the total number of interactions has exceeded 80 thousand.