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Company: ej4, Saint Louis, MO USA

Nomination Category: Course Authoring Solution -New Version


Nomination Title: ThinkZoom LMS Course Authoring Tool


Products Essay

ej4 may be known for unique and creative video training content, but our LMS continues to deliver technology that our clients need in a user-friendly format. Enter our award-winning authoring tool. More often than not, the place where training admins build and deliver their courses are two completely different places. Our authoring tool is a course creation tool built right into our LMS, which comes for free with the purchase of any of our content.

The user-friendly course building wizard is a robust tool that allows admins to create their own courses from scratch, or to take existing courses in the Thinkzoom library and customize them to their training needs.

The recorder tool, the first step in course creation, is where the admin creates content. This content can be a video they record of themselves using their webcam, a video they upload, or other handouts such as a PowerPoint or PDF. Users can add music, narration, add a searchable title and description, add text or image overlays, and more. All of these editing tools are easy for a beginner to pick up, but are also functions that more experienced video designers would expect to see!

Content can then be loaded into the course builder tool, where admins can create a course name and description, include student materials, set parameters, and publish their course. They even have the ability to create student exams.

The course builder tool also allows you to customize existing ej4 courses. This helps take some of the workload off admins by giving them the ability to add a company-specific intro or outro to an ej4 course, add specific supplemental materials, and edit exams. All of these customization possibilities allow the client to deliver specific, company-relevant information without the difficulties of using complicated and time-consuming software.

Many people pay extra for a separate eLearning authoring tool. By purchasing any of our off-the-shelf courses, our LMS, including the authoring tool, is completely free for the client. Our in-house learning consultants provide clients with high-touch service to help them maximize the use of all of our eLearning tools, like the authoring tool.

Products Summary

-Award-winning authoring tool that allows users to create their own courses or edit existing ones
-User-friendly course builder wizard takes the admin through step-by-step to easily create courses
-Tools allow for total customization of courses, including quizzes and student materials

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