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Company: ej4, Saint Louis, MO USA

Nomination Category: Health, Wellness & Safety Solution Provider of the Year


Nomination Title: ej4


Solution Provider Essay

A Healthy Workplace is a Happy One

The pressures of work often impact our health and wellness. Even our own personal safety can be lower on our priority list. But neglecting health, wellness, and safety training will ultimately catch up with us. Learning how to stay healthy, be mindful of hazards, and keeping track of our personal wellness gives us the ability to do our jobs. A safe, healthy workplace means a productive organization, and employers see the benefits.

This year, we put a lot of emphasis on adding to and updating our Health and Wellness and Safety topics to help foster healthy, happy, and engaged employees. Many of our courses in these topics feature both manager and employee versions of a course to make sure each group is getting just the right information they need.

Engaging, Relevant Topics

Topics such as Health and Wellness and Safety can often be a less than enjoyable topic for employees, which is why all of our content features unexpected design elements and practical applications that keep the learner engaged and informed. As well as providing important fundamental courses like “Fighting the Flu” and “Ergonomics”, we are always looking to expand our library with courses that are topical, relevant, and timely. You’ll find courses on opioid addiction, healthy eating habits, deskercises, and more!

The foundation of our Health & Wellness content includes topics like staying germ-free, managing a work-life balance, eating well, and more. This year, we took it one step further to include new topics that go beyond those important basics. 47% of the labor force is made up of women, so many of the courses we added dealt with planning for and returning from maternity leave, as well as how to prepare new mothers for pumping at work. But taking time off work to care for family is not exclusive to new mothers, which is why we produced courses for creating family and parental leave policies, and how to return to work after the loss of a loved one.

We strive to keep our content fresh and relevant, staying in tune with issues that modern employers face. The opioid epidemic inspired us to create a series on opioid addiction, with a course for both employees and managers. We also realize that we work in an era of constant contact with technology, which can lead to digital stress and addiction, another course which we added to our library. Another course we added is “Keeping Track of Your Teen While You’re at Work.” This course provides helpful resources for working parents to keep tabs on their teens.

In 2018, we added to our robust safety training library a series of courses on working in different weather conditions. These courses help prepare employees for the risks of working in very hot or cold weather and how to take necessary precautions.

Fresh Content Matters

In addition to new content, we updated several programs in our Health and Wellness and Safety topics. Our writers, graphic designers, and producers find a way to take previously recorded content and give it a new and improved look and sound. We conduct ongoing research on course topics and incorporate those themes into our eLearning courses.

We also believe that training should be fun, which is why we make our content ‘Everything but Ordinary.” People desire for things to be visually appealing, which is why we incorporate unexpected design elements, like bright colors and vibrant graphics, into our courses. You’ll find intuitive red and blue color schemes in our “Working in Hot and Cold Weather” courses and a unique zoo animal theme in our “Managing Time vs. Energy” course. Balancing our time and energy can often make our lives feel like a zoo!


Solution Provider Summary

-Inducted into Best of Elearning! Hall of Fame

-Recognized as a Training Industry Top 20 Health & Safety Training Company

-Launched 60+ Safety and Health and Wellness courses

-Launched updated version of Thinkzoom LMS

-Mobile-friendly, video-based microlearning content

-Training reinforcement that moves course information from short to long term memory

-Introduction of interactive content


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