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Company: ej4, Saint Louis, MO USA

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Compliance Training


Nomination Title: Compliance and Harassment Training Puts the “Human” Back in Human Resources

Products Essay

The continuing news events circulating around workplace harassment has put compliance and harassment training in the spotlight. People outside of the HR department are realizing that compliance training isn’t just a legal responsibility, it’s key to creating a safe, productive, and ethical work environment. Compliance training has often been shrouded by a “checkbox” mentality; something that is simply a legal requirement.

Putting the “Human” back in Human Resources
Our compliance and harassment training strives to put the “human” back in human resources by providing informative, engaging, and relevant training. Today’s legal and regulatory environment is constantly changing, which is why we update our training every two years, or as the regulations change. Our workplace compliance library teaches the employee and the employer how to “stay within the lines,” understanding the psychology behind harassment, and how to stop it before it starts.

Broad Range of Topics
At ej4, we believe everyone deserves the right to work in a safe and harassment-free environment. All of an organization’s employees are responsible for achieving that; not just the legal team, the human resources team, and management. That’s why our library covers a broad range of employment law including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Fair Labor Standards Act, (FLSA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA and ADAAA) to name a few. Our programs focus on defining the law in layman’s terms, showing how it applies to the workplace, how to correct issues when they arise and provide real-world examples of these issues. The examples we use are not cheesy distractions that are commonly found in other training videos.

State-Specific Content
Our library also contains an updated Anti-Harassment series, and State-Specific Anti-Harassment Training (California, Maine, Connecticut, New York). We understand some states require this training to be completed on an annual basis. That’s why we continually update our content so learners are engaged and learning and not just “going through the motions.”

Beyond the Law
One of our more recent compliance series, “Working Well with Everyone,” explores the importance of diversity in the workplace and the power of inclusion. Instead of talking about legalities, tolerance, or political correctness, we talk about why diversity is not just necessary, but a beneficial part of the workforce. We also explore the mistake of stereotyping and how to remedy it, and finally why embracing an inclusive mindset results in success.

Understanding Harassment and Anti-Harassment, two series we released last year, play an important role in understanding the psychology behind harassment. Our Anti-Harassment series lays down the law of harassment, breaking it down into a course for employees and a course for managers. The other courses in the series deal with important legal basics such as investigating harassment complaints and writing an anti-harassment policy. Our series on Understanding Harassment takes the legal knowledge and applies it to the work environment with a practical and behavioral perspective, teaching learners how to stop harassment before it even starts.

We also provide training on additional employment best practices such as Legally Hiring, Pregnancy Discrimination, Diversity, Workplace Bullying, and Substance Abuse to name a few.

More Than a Check-box
The programs and series in our Workplace Compliance Library are complex legal topics, which is why we believe training should be more than a “check the box” event. We break our topics down into smaller, bite-sized programs, which make the content easy to access and rewatch. Our approach helps the learner focus on a few learning points at a time, rather than an hour-long training session where they may not retain most of what they learn. In addition, we provide a manager version and an employee version to make sure each group is getting just the right information they need.

Products Summary

-Deployment of over 20 new compliance courses, with more coming in 2019
-Inclusion of manager and employee versions of certain compliance courses to ensure everyone understands their role in fostering a compliant workplace
-State-specific compliance courses for Maine, Connecticut, California, and New York
-Mobile-friendly, video-based delivery of content
-Microlearning format, courses average 7-8 minutes
-Courses updated every two years or as policies change, meaning all course content is relevant and up-to-date

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