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Company: Vital Learning, Denver, CO USA

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Interpersonal Skills Training


Nomination Title: VitalPass -Blended Learning Subscription for Interpersonal Skills


Products Essay

In January 2019, Vital Learning launched VitalPass – a new blended learning subscription solution designed to revolutionize how training is utilized.

The inspiration for VitalPass largely came from customer input and feedback. We found a common theme occurring… Organizations needed a training solution that was simple to deploy, highly flexible, and cost-effective. Yet the solutions available that fit these criteria were not achieving the desired results – they were not nearly robust enough to have a noticeable impact on the organization and its employees.

From this insight, VitalPass was born. VitalPass gives organizations access to all of Vital Learning’s classroom courses, online modules, and in-depth reinforcement resources for one annual price per person. It has the ease of use, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of existing subscription services in the market. But unlike most existing offerings, it provides a robust and complete solution, designed for tangible results and meaningful impact.

VitalPass gives organizations unlimited access to 25 award-winning blended learning courses. The curriculum includes various interpersonal skills topics: the Leadership Essentials series (Vital Learning’s flagship program used by over 1 million managers), Team Development, Customer Service, Sales, Organizational Effectiveness, and Diversity.

The three main components of VitalPass are detailed below:

1. Scenario-Based Responsive Online Learning

The online courses have been recently updated to align with the needs of today’s workplace and today’s learner. The online courses were built to function like many of the modern apps and websites that people use everyday. They are fully responsive and optimized for all devices, providing an excellent and intuitive experience on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Each online course is broken into short modules. This makes the learning more convenient and digestible.

Unlike many online courses that rely heavily on text or video lecture, the Vital Learning courses focus primarily on scenario practice. The participant is presented with a scenario situation (often introduced by a short video of a team member) and tasked with handling it and applying the given concepts of the module.

2. Experiential Virtual or In-Person Classroom Sessions

After getting initial practice online, participants typically join an abbreviated classroom session. This reduces the amount of time employees spend away from the job, while still providing in-depth and practical group practice opportunities.

Similar to the online courses, the classroom course is focused on skill practice and experiential learning. Very little lecture occurs, as participants spend nearly all their time handling scenarios as a group and role-playing the specific situations they’ll face at their organization.

3. In-Depth Reinforcement Resources for Continuous Learning

After the classroom and online courses, the participants are provided with reinforcement resources and the next-step activities. This is where the real behavioral change occurs, as participants continue to practice and begin to engrain the skills. The following reinforcement is included with VitalPass:

  • A reinforcement app (“VitalBoost”) using gamification that automatically sends short scenarios and questions to participants.
  • Just-in-time learning resources and worksheets for when participants face relevant situations back on the job.
  • Continual skill practice role-play sessions that can optionally be scored.
  • Virtual simulation environments so follow-up skill practice can be conducted virtually as well.
  • Additional group discussion (either in-person or via an online forum) about the specific challenges they’ve been facing.
  • Follow-up challenges, assignments, insights, tips, and articles for participants to continue to engage with and think about the topics.

As part of the VitalPass subscription, the organization is provided with an Implementation Partner. The Implementation Partner helps assemble “learning tracks” that map to the organization’s needs and assists with participant communication and logistics.


  • Robust and in-depth blended learning subscription solution.
  • Utilizes the latest in online learning and reinforcement technology.
  • Designed to be custom-tailored and custom-branded for the organization.
  • Highly flexible learning framework that enables the company to personalize the solution and assemble exactly what they need.
  • Proven and practical methodology built to get results.
  • Enables managers to handle the specific situations they’ll face within their role by providing company-specific practice scenarios and giving them continued practice with the skills in a variety of modalities over time.
  • Easy to deploy the training with a dedicated partner and support team to ensure your roll out is a success.
  • Includes step-by-step facilitator guides for the company to deliver the training internally and own the process in-house.
  • All for one price per person per year for unlimited access to Vital Learning’s online, classroom, and reinforcement solutions with support resources.

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