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Company: Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Inc., Istanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Achievement in Employee Engagement


Nomination Title: Engagement Stories from Toyota


Achievement Essay


Toyota Sharing Workshops & Knowledge Exchange Platform:

In this project, which we set out with the slogan "Stage is yours! Either as an actor or as audience", we conducted a survey and asked, “What would you like to share with all your colleagues?” 25 employees responded with a variety of different topics related to hobbies and shared week by week to all interested employees. This project led to emergence of a larger project; “Knowledge Exchange Platform” which aims to trigger learn from each other culture model by giving chance to employees to share their technical knowledge with others with a more systematic approach.


Toyota Mentoring Program:

We initiated this program within the context of learning from each other. We organized trainings for our employees by making our mentoring program more structured with the support of Flow Coaching consultancy firm. Both for communication and development process, the program ended up with great satisfaction results.


HOL10 Program:

Holacracy is a new self-organization system where employees use their experiences and expertise by taking part in projects of different departments. By considering this, we launched a new program called “HOL10”. Our employees have the chance to work with other departments for different projects. We expect volunteer employees to allocate 10% of their time to HOL10 Projects.


Talent Programs:

“The Game Changer” program aims to develop our high-potential employees to prepare for the new position. During the program, five talented employees joining seminars, took unusual and 360 degree trainings in order to increase their leadership skills and out of the box way of thinking. Our second talent project group called “Hayal Et” means “just dream” in Turkish. This is a project team of young, willing employees from different departments, who work directly with CEO.


Toyota Wellbeing:

This program is launched in order our employees to feel completely healthy, happy and motivated! Every month, we created activity related to the seven components of wellness. We celebrate every special day like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Ice Cream Day, for emotional wellness. We created a Flexible Development System called “Toyota-Flex” where employees can choose variety of seminars/conferences/trainings/workshops through a point system for intellectual/occupational wellness and lastly we launched “Facebook’s Workplace” for social wellness.



Considering the connection between generation Y and generation X with family, we developed ideas in this direction.

· We send the message “Welcome to our family” to the family of every person who joins us and the message “You are behind this success, thanks for your support” with a video from his/her manager to the family of every person who promotes.

· We send letters to the children of our employees from our CEO through the post office, thinking that the first letter in each person's life is memorable. In the content of letter; our CEO concretizing the world of Toyota where his/her mom/father comes every morning and says “I know that your mom/father as your hero comes every morning to Toyota with the happiness of belonging you so thank you very much and never forget that he/she is our hero as well!”

· We give day off to our employees who has children starting primary school on the first day of school, also send their children stationery gift box.

· We personalized all of our messages, announcements and designed messages that address emotion rather than rational communication. For example, our employees receives the following message from Human Resources on their birthday; “Today is perhaps the birthday of thousands, but we love you the most! You can use your 1-day leave as today's gift. We wish you all the best in your Toyota journey!”

· To increase the motivation and engagement we have some rewarding systems like thank you box, department motivation parties, happy hours, No Monday Syndrome activities.


Achievement Summary


-25 Toyota Hobby Workshop completed, 51 employee attended.

-For KEP;10 technical training designed,14 trainer completed “Train the trainer”, 10 training session completed, 90 participations were certified.

-32 mentors, the productivity level of these meetings is in average 8,92/10. The evaluation of total program and satisfaction rate is %98.

-Nine H0L10 projects completed. Overall satisfaction rate; 4,35/5.

-TGC talent group promoted and completed their specialized training plan. Overall satisfaction rate of trainings is 4,24/5.

-Hayalet realized a great project called Hybrid Talks, goal of this program is to present Hybrid technology to the big companies to increase Hybrid awareness, gain new customers, create new B2B sales channels. The second project was Hybrid Painting Activity, with all employees; we painted our parking area as Toyota Hybrid.

-As HR Team, we won award Great Place to Work, are the only automotive company on list for 3 years, ranked up to the 3rd place.


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