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Company: Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S., Bursa, Osmangazi / Bursa, Turkey

Nomination Category: Chief Learning Officer of the Year


Nomination Title: Dr. Selcuk Alimdar, Head of ATD BEST #1 Corporate University


Individual Essay

About Dr. Selcuk Alimdar

Dr. Selcuk Alimdar is the head of Tofas Academy (#1 in ATD BEST) serving to 15,000+ employees of Tofas, its dealer and supplier network. Winning 28 international awards till now, his projects have recorded pioneering practices. Alimdar is also a coach, trainer, mentor, facilitator, change practitioner, author and inspiring conference speaker.

About Tofas

Founded in 1968, Tofas is a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Koç Holding partnership and manufactures passenger and commercial vehicles for FCA worldwide. Besides, it represents Fiat-Alfa Romeo-Jeep-Ferrari-Maserati in Turkey, including sales and after-sales operations.

About Tofas Academy

TofaƟ Academy is a corporate university with a vision to inspire L&D professionals in the globe by its unique techniques, pioneering activities and sustained achievements.

Tofas Academy serves to employees of Tofas, its dealers and suppliers, summing up to 15.000+ people. The audience is extremely diverse, including white and blue collars, R&D, sales, ICT, production, quality, supply chain, marketing, after-sales, finance and HR.


Please note that all the following practices are designed-and-deployed after 2018, January 1st


14 Awards in 2018

-Tofas Academy won ATD BEST and became #1 in the worldwide ranking.

-6 awards from Stevie for Great Employers on gamification, onboarding, sales, web site, techniques and soft-skills development.

-7 awards from Brandon Hall HCM on boardgame, corporate university strategy, team, social responsibility and soft-skills development.


Learning Technologies

-Interactive Video Learning Platform (Tideo): 10,000 videos is accessible 7/24 via web and mobile. It allows non-linear video simulations and quiz. Moreover, it provides live broadcasting.

-Hybrid LMS: Academy created a hybrid LMS with MOOC functionalities. The audience can create their own customized development plans powered by curriculums with diverse learning methods.

-Wiki: Academy developed Wiki platform to maintain the corporate know-how, which achieved 321 authors and 568 articles in just 3 months.


Other Technologies

-Digital Development Assistant: The team created a digital assistant that guides employees in choosing the best-fit learning solution.

-Networking Platform: Academy developed a unique gamified platform to sustain a strong network of external trainers, consultants and colleagues worldwide.

-Artificial Intelligence: The team carried out an AI-based research project that aimed to answer how we could engage Tideo, video platform. Tofas employees were digitally cloned and transferred to the simulation system that utilized machine learning.


Content Development

-Video Production: Academy created a green-box studio that produces video-learning.

-Agile Content Development: Academy developed its own Agile Content Development model.

-Diverse Technical-Development Tools: Academy developed new internal training templates such as self-service, express-info, express-skill and advanced.

-Diverse Behavioral-Development Tools: Academy started internal individual and team coaching, development counselling and mentoring services.


Major Solutions Delivered

-Schools: Academy launched Die, Maintenance, Production and Leadership schools regarding 5,000 employees.

-Onboarding Program: Academy developed a unique onboarding program with pre-onboarding, treasure hunt and boardgame components.

-Get Ready: Academy initiated the digital competencies development program for 7,500-employees.


New Campus

Academy launched East Campus with 7-classes, 1-conference room and 3-coaching rooms.


Corporate Accelerator

Tofas Academy took the Corporate Accelerator role that empowers innovation teams by providing them with workspace, training and mentoring on innovation methods.


HCM Citizenship for:

L&D professionals: Launched the awarded https://tofasakademi.com/ , a curation web site for L&D professionals worldwide.


High School students: Academy supported Fiat laboratories in 11 vocational-schools in Turkey and founded an innovation lab in Tofas Science High School.


K12: Academy provided Coding program of 16 hours to the 200 children of the employees


Handicapped: Academy created a public website teaching sign language.


Ministry of Education: Selcuk Alimdar collaborated with the ministry in reaching 2023 vision of education by delivering workshop facilitation, keynotes and consultancy.


Individual Summary

-ATD BEST #1: Tofas Academy won #1 in ATD BEST and 13 awards from Stevie and Brandon Hall on various categories.

-Corporate Accelerator: Alimdar transformed Academy into a Corporate Accelerator for innovation.

-Reinforcing National Education: Alimdar supports the Ministry of National Education through facilitation, training and consultancy.

-Inspiring L&D Professionals: Academy created www.tofasakademi.com (900+ subscribers).

-Networking: Academy created a gamified corporate networking tool to manage a prominent network of external collaborators.

-Hybrid LMS: Academy created best of its kind LMS that has the features of a MOOC.

-Artificial Intelligence: Academy created digital clones of the employees to promote digital learning.

-Extensive Development Tools: Academy utilized many tools like mentoring, individual/team coaching, development counselling, self-learning, v-learning, m-learning, serious game and blended learning.

-Outstanding Results: Delivered 324,000-hours, 37-hours/employee, 4.7/5.0-satisfaction score, 85/100-learning score and 100%+ ROI with Maintenance School and Purchasing Professional Program.


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