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Company: TOFAS Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS, Osmangazi / Bursa, Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Systems Training


Nomination Title: Tofas & Tofas Academy - Link-Entry System Training


Products Essay

About Tofas & Tofas Academy
Tofas is a Turkish Automotive Company which has equal shareholders as Koc Holding and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Tofas is the fifth largest industrial enterprise of Turkey and one of the two R&D centers of our shareholders in Europe. It has an annual manufacturing capacity of 450,000 vehicles with 8,000 employees. It undertakes the representation of 6 brands (Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati, Ferrari) in Turkey. Tofas realizes 25% of the production and export of industry and exports to 80 countries.

Tofas Academy is an ATD BEST #1 (2018) corporate university that provides a unique and personalized training experience to 16,000 people in the value chain including the employees of the company, dealers, and suppliers.

Business Need and Audience
The old Bumerang system was used to for all commercial operations between dealers and Tofas for 23 years. The system only provided logistics status of vehicle and limited customer information. Although improvements of the previous Bumerang system didn’t meet today's needs because of its infrastructure is old and the development of the modules is limited.

At the beginning of 2019, Bumerang system was planned to switch to Link-Entry system for all commercial operations in domestic market. Link-Entry system provides sales and after-sales data to use all commercial operations and presenting 360° customer view for CRM.

Scope of this project;
-To renew the commercial system infrastructure used by Tofas’ entire sales organization and dealers with CRM, product management, campaign and pricing, sales and logistics applications.
-To provide simplification and to take advantage of the opportunities to cooperate with global processes.
-The audience of the training program is dealer employees who consist of almost 900 sales people working in our brands such as FIAT-FIAT Professional-Alfa Romeo-JEEP.
-The new software was planned to be launched as it was ready, so we had just 1-week for the design and 1-week for the delivery.

Design & Execution Team
75 Tofas employees from different departments worked for system design and training organization as listed below:

-Fiat Business Unit Department
-ICT Consultancy Companies
-Sales Department
-Tofas Academy
-Finance Department
-Learning Objective

The learning objective of the program is defined as executing end-to-end sales process, manage, report and coordinate all processes with a Link-Entry software.

Change Management Roles

To overcome the challenge of training 900 people in 1 week required an effective change management strategy, which resulted in definition of 4 roles for adoption.

-Trainer: 7 employees from Tofas Academy responsible for training all the audience.
-Key User: 16 employees from the business line owning the 4 modules (CRM–Sales–Logistics-Finance) responsible for training Power Users with Trainers.
-Power User & Sales Manager: 218 sales employees responsible for supporting their colleagues at their own dealer branches following the training.
-End User: 682 sales employees, who actively use Link-Entry.

Program Structure
A wide portfolio of learning methods is incorporated into the design of Link-Entry System Training and customized for diverse segments as described below:

Step 1: Power User & Sales Manager Training (218 people)
Classroom Training (2-days in Tofas Academy)
Video Learning (38 videos)
Virtual Classroom (8 sessions x 1-hour)
User Manual (digital)

Step 2: End User Training (682 people as Logistics Responsible, Sales Advisor, Sales Support Specialist, Customer Relations Specialist)
-Classroom Training (1-day in 10 regions)
-Video Learning (16-for LR, 12-for SA, 10-for CRS)
-Virtual Classroom (8 sessions x 1-hour)
-User Manual (digital)
-Support by Power User in the dealer (as needed)

The program proved its success with the following outcomes:

-91% Participation
-The participants’ satisfaction score is 4.6/5.
-Adoption rate is 100%. This transition didn’t damage the daily dealer operations.
-Customer Master Data Management Infrastructure (Customer Hub), which can provide 2.8 million customers at all touch points with 360° customer view.

Products Summary

-Diverse Learning Methods: Classroom trainings, video-learning, virtual classroom and user manuals.
-Time Constraint: 1-week to design plus 1-week to deliver.
-Diverse Segmentation: Learning maps diversified for 4 different segments of 900 employees.
-Big Project Team: A team of 75 people took role in design and execution of the program.
-Change Management Applied: Trainer, Key User, Power User, Sales Manager and end user roles are defined to manage the change effectively.
-High Satisfaction: Participants are satisfied at 4.6 over 5.0.
-High Adoption: Adoption rate is 100%. This transition didn’t damage the daily dealer operations.
-Business outcome: 2.8 million customer data management and 360° customer view.

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