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Company: TOFAS Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS, Osmangazi / Bursa, Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Sales Training


Nomination Title: Proudly FIATian "There is a reason"

Products Essay

About Tofas & Tofas Academy
Tofas is a Turkish Automotive Company which has equal shareholders as Koç Holding and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Tofas is the fifth largest industrial enterprise of Turkey and one of the two R&D centers of our shareholders in Europe. It has an annual manufacturing capacity of 450,000 vehicles with 8,000 employees. It undertakes the representation of 6 brands (Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati, Ferrari) in Turkey. Tofas realizes 25% of the production and export of industry and exports to 80 countries.

Tofas Academy is an ATD BEST #1 (2018) corporate university that provides a unique and personalized training experience to 16,000 people in the value chain including the employees of the company, dealers, and suppliers.

Business Need and Audience
The automotive market in Turkey is highly competitive since there are 42 brands.

There are 19 Fiat models with various versions to be known and be compared with the competitors. These models are sold by 380 Fiat Sales Advisors distributed among 74 showrooms throughout the country. Tipo HB, 500X, Ducato and Doblo models are of strategic importance for FIAT in 2019. That’s why these 4 model product features, customer profile and advantages of the competition required training.

Together with sales and model training, the aim of Tofas’ 50th Anniversary was to strengthen brand loyalty of the employees.

Design & Execution Team
71 Tofas employees from the following different departments worked for program design and organization as listed below:
-FIAT Business Unit
-Tofas Academy
-Corporate Communication
-Learning Objectives

“There is a reason” motto which is also used in public communications. The learning objectives of the program linked with the business need are defined as:
-Promoting FIAT brand loyalty.
-Increasing motivation.
-Leveraging the knowledge of 4 car models on features, technology, performance, design, competition.

Learning Methods Used
A wide portfolio of learning methods is incorporated into the design of Proudly FIATian as listed below:
-Mobile learning
-Program Structure

310 Sales Advisors participated to the program organized between February 1-17, 2019. Proudly FIATian 2019 program is composed of the following steps:

1. Mobile Learning (2-weeks)
The Sales Advisors joined the gamified mobile learning platform and answered 250 questions on 4 models and brand history as a self-learning tool. Advisors received points for every question they answered correctly.

2. Proudly FIATian Brand Day (1-day)
All Sales Advisors gathered in a Convention Center expert and attended seminars and panels on brand history and the characteristics. The speakers were famous automotive and technology experts, general managers of 3 dealers and a taxi driver as a loyal FIAT customer.

3. Proudly FIATian Model Day (1-day)
The program has parallel sessions for automobiles and commercial vehicles tracks. Both tracks’ content is same and simultaneous.

Track-1 & Track-2 – Automobiles & Commercial vehicle models (5-hours)
The Parallel tracks were placed in 3 different sessions with 6 stages designed as 4 different FIAT models and 8 competitor models for automobile and commercial vehicles models. Teams received points for every learning steps.

Track 3 – Bonus (1-hour)
There were 3 QR codes containing 1 question in the vehicles 2 information writing. They earned points when they gave the correct answer.

Track 4 – Final Step (1-hour)
There were 10 people in every team. At the end of the training steps, a champion team from both sides competed in the final step.

The following results proved the program’s success:

-Reaction: Satisfaction score is 4.6/5.
-Learning: 85/100 on the post-test.
-Application: The supervisors of the participants scored 4.6/5.0 regarding their brand loyalty and model knowledge.
-Impact: The units sold (of 4 models) increased at 200% (January-March). The motivation of the audience increased at 4.6/5.0.

Products Summary

-Diverse Audience: 380-Sales Advisors from 74-showrooms located in different provinces of Turkey.
-Diverse Project Team: 71-employees took role in design and execution of the program.
-Diverse Learning Methods: Self-learning, peer-learning, video-learning, mobile-learning, gamification, feedback and seminar.
-Gamified Mobile Quiz: Audience first played the mobile quiz for 3-weeks with great interest as a self-learning-tool.
-360° Brand Overview: The brand perception is promoted through a series of seminars with a 360-view underpinned by brand-manager, industry-expert, sales-partner and customer.
-Comparison with Competitors: 4 Fiat models and each of their 2 competitor models (total 12 vehicles) were exhibited in a 2,000-m2 venue as a part of the training.
-High Satisfaction: 4.6/5.0
-Outstanding Learning Transfer: The supervisors of the participants scored 4.6/5 regarding their brand loyalty and model knowledge.
-High Business Value: The units sold (of 4-models) increased at 200%.
-High Motivation: The supervisors recorded 4.7/5 motivation.

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