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Company: TELUS International, Las Vegas, NV USA

Nomination Category: Employer of the Year -Business Services


Nomination Title: TELUS International


Employer of the Year Essay


An engaged, inspired employee is ready to own the customer experience from end to end. But, it takes a real investment in people to make that a reality. Beyond the latest tools and technology, TELUS International invests in its team members, empowering them to reach their full potential.


From inspiring workplaces with unique features like gaming rooms, rooftop soccer fields, and meeting rooms with swings and ball pits, to comprehensive health benefits for team members and their families (including their parents), to competitive salaries and incentive programs, TELUS International surrounds its team members with what matters most to them.


Career first, company second


TELUS International provides ample career and development opportunities for employees to grow both personally and professionally. The goal is to establish a foundation for success, regardless of whether they stay with the company or not.


The TELUS International University program offers onsite post-secondary classes that are subsidized up to 80%, giving team members the ability to pursue a bachelor's or master’s degree in any field they are passionate about while maintaining a steady income. Aside from the subsidy and liberty in course selection, the program assists team members through career counseling and library access. More than 1,500 team members registered for courses for the 2018/2019 school year.


The company also recently launched the TELUS Global Language Academy, a free online tool available to team members who want to learn, or improve their skills in seven different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin). Team members can tailor the courses to meet their needs or interests, enabling them to upskill and exceed their goals independently.


Most importantly, all programs are offered in a welcoming and inclusive environment that includes a number of different resource groups. Connections, the women’s network of TELUS International, supports the professional and personal development of women in the workplace through unique mentorships and learning opportunities. One example is the “Work for Her” training program which provides high school graduates in El Salvador with 210 hours of English training and 40 hours of life skills workshops which can then be used to apply for full-time positions within the company.


TELUS International also proudly supports Spectrum, a resource group for LGBT2QA team members with a vision of creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Over 600 team members in the Philippines represented the company in the 2019 Metro Manila Pride March, expressing unity, solidarity and advocating for equality.


We give where we live


TELUS International recognizes that team members want to be part of something bigger and gives them the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their own communities. In addition to weekly (even daily) charitable activities, once a year employees focus their efforts on a TELUS Days of Giving event. Thousands of team members put aside their regular activities to join a common cause in their community, whether it’s building a school from the ground up in Central America, planting a forest in Eastern Europe or constructing an entire village for the homeless in the Philippines. In 2018, there were more than 50 TELUS Days of Giving activities held in 11 international locations. Over 12,000 team members volunteered alongside their families and friends to collectively give back to their local communities.


By fusing a culture that values and invests in its employees, TELUS International achieved a world-class employee engagement score of 86% in 2018, as measured by third-party, Aon, and successfully reduced voluntary agent attrition by up to 50% in all the regions that it operates. The company’s caring culture is what makes it special and TELUS International takes great pride in building a community, not just a company.


Employer of the Year Summary


-Achieved a world-class global employee engagement score of 86%, as measured by Aon.

-Reduced voluntary agent attrition up to 50% below average in all regions of operation.

-Over 12,000 participated in TELUS Days of Giving events around the globe.

-The company grew by more than 10,000 team members in the past 18 months.

-Launched the TELUS Language Learning Academy, a free online tool to help team members learn or improve language skills.

-Opened three new state-of-the-art delivery centers (Chengdu, China; Nodia, India; Manila, Philippines) with inspiring workspaces.

-Family focused benefits including extended health insurance to team members’ families (including their parents) and onsite daycare in certain locations.

-TELUS International University offers onsite post-secondary classes that are subsidized up to 80%.

-Recognized as an Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces for the third consecutive year.

-Resource groups to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.


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