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Company: Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated , Tampa, FL USA

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -New Hire Training


Nomination Title: TalentSprout Transforms Brand Partner's New Hire Experience by Blended Digital Training With An Active Classroom


Products Essay

TalentSprout improved the quality, efficiency and proficiency of our brand partner’s new hire experience by creating a blended learning program. By integrating online, learner-led techniques with an active classroom, we delivered a better experience for new hires, training them to better serve our client’s customers, in less time with proven results.

Our training is based on these principles:
-People learn by doing
-Place training within the context of the activity being learned
-Provide a media-rich, online interactive experience for learner-led activities
-Integrate the online experience with active classroom learning
-Weave diverse knowledge and experience provided from multiple subject matter experts into a unified whole, consistent with the brand partner’s brand, culture and values

Our client tasked us with the specific goals of reducing new hire training and lecture time, so we implemented a comprehensive discovery process. This included:
-Consulting the facilitators early and frequently, ensuring their input, ownership and buy-in for the finished product
-Interviewing 14 subject matter experts to capture their stories and advice
-Recording 90+ system demonstrations conducted by client facilitators to deepen our knowledge

TalentSprout also worked with the client to identify top call drivers. Using this data, we prioritized the curriculum, ensuring its relevance to calls new hires will manage upon graduation.

Online Learner-Led Instruction

Online training is learner-led, practical and interactive. Using media-rich modules, including video, audio and interactive interfaces, learners are immersed in the culture, real-life scenarios and practical uses of the course material. Online training included the following:

Hands-On Practice: Learners gain experience through simulated calls and scenarios. The format encourages learners to think for themselves, and adapt the information and approaches to realistic customer interactions. This leads learners to practice crucial skills at an early stage.

War Stories: We filmed subject matter experts telling their personal “war stories” to give learners an “in-the-trenches” viewpoint. We captured the diverse points of view from multiple storytellers, while ensuring all the stories relayed messages consistent with the brand partner’s brand.

System Demonstrations: Learners review client systems, tools and workflows in brief one-to-three-minute video demonstrations. The videos ensure consistency and provide learners the opportunity to view them as many times as needed to absorb the material.

Interactive Call Recordings: Online modules include recorded calls between customers and experienced consultants. Learners are asked reflective questions that focus their attention on specific process, procedure and quality points. This component puts the learners in the shoes of the consultant and gets them thinking about how they will respond to customers’ needs.

Active Classroom Components

Online learning is paired with active classroom sessions. These sessions continue a hands-on approach in a group setting, encouraging teamwork and peer coaching.

Group Debriefs: Learners discuss the online modules in class after completion, responding to open-ended questions from the facilitator. These questions generate discussion, sharing and faster internalizing of course material.

Role-Plays: New hires practice real-life role-plays together. Learners field tough calls from the instructors, while those listening coach their peers as they each go through a scenario.

Active Call Shadowing: Learners sit with experienced consultants as they handle calls with customers, allowing learners to see first-hand how tenured staff navigate and use systems and ask questions. Facilitators engage the learners to identify and brainstorm observational goals for each session, keeping the learner an active part of the listening process.

-Reduced training time by seven days, resulting in a $9,000 savings to the client per class
-Increased learner-led activities by 63%, reversing the status quo, where 64% of new hire training was instructor-led
-Increased hands-on practice by 30%
-Expanded access to a broader talent pool through new hire experience virtual capability

Products Summary

-Increased proficiency of new hires
-Reduced training time by seven days
-Created a minimum of $9,000 in savings per class
-Increased learner-led activities by 63%, flipping it from 64% led by an instructor
-Provided access to new talent markets through a virtual new hire experience
-Replaced the stale confines of the classroom with the context and culture of the activity being learned
-Created media-rich online interactive experience for learner-led activities
-Supplemented online experience with interactive role-plays and group discussions
-Taught skills, judgement and resourcefulness
-Weaved together the combined knowledge and experience of a diverse group of instructors into a unified program, with consistent communication of client’s brand, culture and values

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