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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Company: SweetRush, San Francisco, CA USA

Nomination Category: Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year


Nomination Title: SweetRush


Solution Provider Essay

SweetRush’s mission is to amplify the impact of our clients’ organizations – helping them innovate, engage, communicate, lead, and change – so they can make a positive impact on their employees’ lives and on the world.

And we are fulfilling this mission, recognized by our peers. At the 2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, SweetRush won 21 awards including 13 Golds, far beyond any other provider (except Accenture, a $40B company). eLearningIndustry.com chose SweetRush as its first-ever Platinum #1 content provider in the world!

Why? SweetRush is disrupting the industry with unique offerings for leadership and skills development: leading-edge learning strategies (adaptive learning, interactive video, gamification, VR/AR, intelligent assistants), design thinking, culture transformation, and executive coaching. Our custom solutions blend instructional design with the creative arts and technology, delivering programs that are innovative and effective for today’s workforce, that speak authentically to employees.

In RFP competitions, clients view our proposed solutions and prior work (“what we do”) and feel our culture of caring (“who we are”), and choose SweetRush. We are a culture-forward organization with heart, forging a cohesive and supportive team. In 2019 we earned the World Blu Freedom-Centered Cultures Certification (see PDF).

The result: near-zero turnover and remarkable clients. A few new 2019 clients include Autodesk, CHRISTUS Health, Colgate, Corning, Freddie Mac, Harley-Davidson, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, DDI, Facebook, and Virgin Orbit.

SweetRush’s offerings include five services (see brochure) as follows:

Custom Learning provides bespoke solutions embracing storytelling, design thinking, agile, adaptive learning, microlearning, video, and 3D (see case studies). From leadership to soft skills and technical competencies, SweetRush raises the bar for quality at our clients’ organizations.

Google Cloud was bringing together over 500 talented sales managers from around the globe, and needed a memorable learning experience. We created a board-game-meets-simulation, blending strategic thinking, decision-making, competition, and fun for this demanding audience. The three-hour experience creates a highly collaborative and competitive environment for managers to discuss, share best practices, and build strategic skills. A web app and real-time leaderboard ties the experience together (see video).

Talent Solutions offers on-demand temporary talent. In today’s gig economy / talent shortage / baby boomer transition, seasoned temporary staff are needed and hard to find. SweetRush stepped in, did it differently, and clients are stepping up. We’re not recruiters, but team builders. In 2019, we placed talent in 23 organizations, including government, hospitality, and non-profits, helping them achieve their L&D goals.

Culture & Change: All companies experience dysfunction that impedes their ability to change, innovate, and thrive. Working with leadership, teams, or enterprise-wide, SweetRush’s facilitated experiences, coaching, and communications “smooth the kinks” and open channels of fresh thinking. Our work with Ericsson’s high-profile innovations team has transformed its team culture and enhanced idea generation and co-creation!

SPARK’s focus is emerging technologies. Hilton needed an innovative approach to teaching staff how to resolve problems for guests. Using VR to put them “in the guests’ shoes” was the perfect solution to build empathy, and won the 2018 CLO Learning in Practice Excellence in Technology Innovation award (see video)! In 2019, SweetRush solved the content distribution conundrum with the SPARK VR Platform (see link) and launched its XR workshop for L&D professionals (see PDF).

Good Things, since 2018, has supported 19 non-profits, applying our craft for the betterment of mankind – and saving lives. The Red Cross chose SweetRush to create its critical volunteer safety program, and our work with Clooney Foundation for Justice teaches trial monitors how to ensure fair trials worldwide.

In so many ways, SweetRush is disrupting and impacting the industry, offering the best, most effective solutions to clients, improving skills and lives, and applying our craft for good.

We humbly submit to you that SweetRush is indeed the Solution Provider of The Year!


Solution Provider Summary

-Acknowledged by peers as the leader in creativity, innovation and results: 21 Brandon Hall awards (13 Gold), #1 in world elearningIndustry.com!

-Applying our craft for good – helping 19 non-profits and foundations!

-Culture-forward (internal): caring and respect, near-zero turnover of clients and teammates!

-Culture services (external): impacting clients (Ericsson, BI, Mondelez) to transform/improve their culture!

-Dramatic growth of brand & revenue: ~$15M 2019. Amazing talent: 175 in 12 countries!

-Winning world’s most successful companies: Autodesk, Colgate, Corning, Harley-Davidson, Johnson & Johnson (2019 short list)!

-Bringing design thinking to learning solutions, improving stakeholder alignment and learner experience!

-Industry-best visual arts blended with the art and science of adult learning: 3D, video, animation, storytelling, gaming, microlearning, and social learning for leadership and skills development!

-Pioneering VR/AR for learning: successful projects, workshop, platform for VR content distribution!

-Staffing/team-building services: helping 23 clients by placing seasoned talent, uniquely backed up the SweetRush way!


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