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Company: Softtech Yazılım Teknolojileri Araştırma Geliştirme ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş., İstanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Best Learning & Development Strategy


Nomination Title: Personalized Learning Journey


Achievement Essay

The Need:

Serving in a total of 8 different locations in Istanbul, Ankara and San Francisco and Shanghai since 2006, Softtech is the largest software company of Turkey with a domestic capital with more than 1000 employees.

Established as a subsidiary of Turkey İş Bank, one of the largest banks of Turkey, Softtech has been operating primarily to meet the software needs of the bank until last year. While previously serving only one customer and having full knowledge of the systems and infrastructures of this customer and having developed all their knowledge in this way, employees would now have to refine their knowledge with every different customer and work with systems and infrastructures they do not know at all.

-While it was enough for experts to be good in their programming language and to not have errors in their codes when providing service with the mission of a "Software Firm", every employee would now need, in terms of technology expertise, to be knowledgeable about the new technologies and achieve the technology literacy to use different technologies together.

-Considering the dynamic nature of technology and the ever-changing needs of customers, it stood out as a critical need for all employees to keep their knowledge up-to-date and acquire a dynamic learning habit for the dynamic needs.

It was obvious that present training approach would not carry Softtech to success in its new strategy and that employees would fail in developing their competencies. For this reason, the works the "Personalized Learning Journey" approach was started to establish a more strategic, more dynamic and personalized learning structure.

The Solution:

Softtech Academy implemented the "Personalized Learning Journey" approach in order to change its learning and development approach align with its organization strategy.

In the Personalized Learning Journey, the learning choices of the individuals were left to their own preferences, and training content and methods were revised in a way to capture the dynamism of technology. Each employee was given the chance to choose one of three packages for their own development plan:

-Blue Package (2 technology trainings and 1 competency development training, all in-class)
-Orange Package (1 Year Pluralsight Membership + 1 in-class competency development training)
-Green Package (Funding for each person for a training of their preference in the specified budget + 1 in-class technology training + 1 in-class competence development training)

Employees were able to choose any of these packages that they wanted in line with their own learning styles, needs and expertise and were able to plan their own development throughout the year. This way, the development of those in need of more technical knowledge was not restricted to a certain budget, and the platforms where they could access to information at any moment were provided to them.

In the "Personalized Learning Journey" program that surfaced as a result of all these design works, first the indispensable components of the program were identified. According to this,

-In-class technical trainings
-In-class Skills and competence development trainings
-Online Technology Training Portal Membership
-Providing a Training Fund for Individuals to Freely Use for Different Development Needs were identified as the main components.

Personalised Learning Journey offers participants:

-A Dynamic, Flexible Training Structure: the new training system is in a fast, dynamic and changeable structure in line with the changing needs.
-Addressing Different Knowledge Levels: New training system is leveled to address employees at different levels of expertise.
-Addressing Different Learning Preferences and Styles: As known, adults have different learning styles. In line with this approach at the heart of the Personalized Learning Journey, providing each person with the learning solutions in accordance with their learning styles and preferences was within the main objectives of this program.
-Instant Knowledge Every Time, Everywhere

Achievement Summary

-Selection ratio of packages:
Blue Package: 42%
Orange Package: 35%
Green Package: 23%

-Primary benefit of the personalized learning approach applied in 2018 in terms of directing people from in-class trainings to digital learning habits.
-Satisfaction rate of Personalized learning journey is 4.24/5. (2017 training satisfaction: 3.99 )
-93% of participants with green package selection and 100% of participants with orange package selection stated that personalized learning journey helped their professional development
-Personalized Learning Journey, also led an increase on the employee loyalty survey, the level of satisfaction with the training and development activities hit to 87% with a 25.6 points of increase (41,7%) according to 2017 (61.4% ).
-Customer satisfaction increased by 17% from 3.33 to 3.90.
-The project led a critical improvement on project delays. Delayed project rates decreased from 7.21% to 2.92%.; with an improvement of of 59.2%.

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