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Company: QNB Finansbank, Istanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Leadership Training


Nomination Title: Branch Manager Development Program


Products Essay


Branch Manager Development Program is a blended long-term program designed to develop new branch managers, most critical position of QNB Finansbank, aiming to support candidates in the assignment process and afterwards.

Program consists of two phases first entailing a 2-year preparatory programwithin the pre-assignment process of successful candidates and, secondly, a six-month development programof post-assignment process. Upon assessment, candidates failing to fully match the desired profile can also benefit from another candidate development program.

Put in a nutshell, program consists of 3 separate curricula as follows:

-Branch Manager Candidate Development Program (For candidates deemed successful upon assessment; covering the pre-assignment process)
-Branch Manager Newly Appointed Program (For candidates deemed successful upon assessment; covering the post-assignment process)
-Branch Manager Re-Assessment Preparatory Program (For candidates deemed unsuccessful upon assessment for the purpose of preparation to the next assessment)

The program is unique with its positive results on business metrics. A scientific control-experiment group measurement technique is used to figure out the effectiveness of the program. Experiment group with training performed clearly better on all measures.


Recent Challenges Faced by the Turkish Banking Industry: In the shrinking and stagnant Turkish financial market, banks lose profit each day as a result of regulations and amendments by the government. In order to survive in the Turkish banking industry, branch managers were expected to:

-Enable their team to work with high-quality service,
-Train and retain human resources competent enough to provide consultancy for customers,
-Ensure profitability management and cost-effectiveness in these processes.

Briefly, surviving this challenging banking industry brought about the need to have qualified managers who can manage well under these challenging conditions.

On the other hand, QNB Finansbank assigns all branch managers internally by promotions. That strategic decision makes it a crucial success factor to develop branch managers before they promote to managerial positions. "Branch Manager Development Program" was designed and tailored according to all these business needs.

Features of the Program and Differences:

Main distinguishing feature from similar programs in the industry is that the Branch Manager Development Program also entails a "Branch Manager Re-Assessment Preparatory Program" for UNSUCCESSFULL candidates.

The similarity with other career development programs is observed in the beginning of Branch Manager Development Program, covering an assessment process to select potential candidates. However, unlike similar manager development programs , it covers not only the candidates found successful upon assessment. Candidates failing to fully match the desired profile are included in a different program to maintain their development as well. It enables such candidates to be aware of their strengths, areas of improvement, while giving them the opportunity of overcoming deficiencies in where they need improvement for the profile. Eventually, they will have chance to go through a re-assessment at the end of the program. With this program, it is ensured that employee career opportunities are equal and objectively measured rather than in the mouth of somebody.(See attached file for other program features)

Program Design:

It is a two-year program designed in line with the current strategy based directly on business requirements with a follow-up process and continuous support for development. Rosenberg's True Blended Learning Methodology is used in design. One-to-one training sessions to tailor solutions according to individual needs of participants to the program in addition to overall coverage of needs based on personal feedbacks, mentoring and development suggestions.

Program Results:

-A control group was created to precisely achieve the impact of development program on the results, which were all analyzed in comparison with this control group.
-With training group clearly performed better on each business metrics after training period according to without training group.

Products Summary

A control group was created to precisely measure the impact of development program. All the results were analyzed in comparison with this control group.

-wDP: branch managers appointed upon completing the program
-woDP: managers appointed as without going through the program although all other qualifications were similar.

It is observed that the program has positive impact on the following elements with following ratios:

-Business performance -8%,
-Business goal achievement -17%,
-Revenue target achievement -27%,
-Business volume -74 %,
-Branch growth -11%.

The program is also observed to bring positive improvements in a wide range of metrics such as employee loyalty, turnover rates, promotion rates and behavioral assessment.

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