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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Company: Productsup (Products Up GmbH), Berlin, Germany

Nomination Category: Employer of the Year -Computer Software -Up to 250 Employees


Nomination Title: Products Up GmbH


Employer of the Year Essay


Productsup provides an innovative SaaS platform that empowers brands and retailers to optimize their product content for all digital marketing and shopping channels, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook or Walmart. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Berlin, the company currently employs 120 people across the world.

2018 was the year that saw Productsup go big, with the opening of new offices around the world, as well as doubling our headcount. To support our growth while maintaining the family feeling we’re so proud of, we’ve embarked on a number of initiatives that make our company a strong candidate for the “Employee of the Year” category of the Stevie Awards 2019.

We are a family. We take work-life balance further and understand that work is part of life, life is part of work and that both make us who we are. At Productsup, we enjoy all the flexibility we need to thrive with unlimited days of home office or working remotely. It’s a culture of trust, mutual respect and inclusion, a culture of celebrating success and growing from mistakes. We’re there for each other, in person or in video calls, an international tribe representing 26 nationalities. We celebrate personal milestones just as much as company ones. Birthday? Wedding? New kid? We’re there for each other. With our new ‘Random Coffee Date’ initiative, we use a bot to assign FeedFighter pairs every week to have a coffee date in the kitchen or through a video call. We call ourselves FeedFighters, as we’re all passionate about creating perfect product data feeds for our clients. Even teams not directly working with the platform participate in monthly competitions challenging them to use Productsup to make perfect feeds. We’re united through that common goal.

In 2018 we refreshed our core values and implemented a top-notch internal communications strategy fostering an effective feedback culture. We now clearly communicate company goals, big decisions, learnings and earnings through bi-annual all-hands meetings. We use our monthly town hall meetings to address feedback: the management team answers questions and explains decisions. We also use a monthly newsletter and Slack to talk about achievements, new hires and fun facts.

We developed a comprehensive onboarding scheme to help new hires quickly become part of the family. All employees come to Berlin for a 3-day program, to be immersed in the Productsup world. The first day is called “Becoming a family member” and it’s focused on introducing new FeedFighters to our mission and values. The second and third day are each called “Becoming a FeedFighter” and they get everyone acquainted with our platform. An all-company lunch introduces new FeedFighters to everyone in Berlin and the buddy system we’re launching next month will definitely help everyone feel at home quite quickly.

We created a relocation guide, an employee handbook and started organizing workshops on time management, health or communication. We streamlined our business processes with Confluence, Expensify and Travelperk. We identified potential career paths to ensure access to growth opportunities, through a fair and transparent system that applies equally to all departments. Since the beginning of 2018, 13 FeedFighters have been promoted. To empower our employees to never stop learning, we founded the Productsup Academy, signed up with elearning platform Udemy, and offered to cover 50% of the costs of language classes.

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve made considerable progress, yet this doesn’t mean we’re done. To maintain a scalable feeling of unity as we continue to grow, we have to stay open and agile. We will never stop listening, learning and caring. We keep on striving to maintain a healthy growth for each FeedFighter and for all of us together.


Employer of the Year Summary


-Refreshed core values: 1. We care for the team. 2. We are role models. 3. We always let the best ideas win. 4. We don’t focus on problems, we find a solution. 5. We act in the best interest of our customers. 6. We are brave and take ownership. 7. We are pioneers: we make mistakes and learn from them.

-Doubled in size, created employee referral bonus program, ran two OOH recruitment campaigns in Berlin and attended eight career fairs

-New benefits: discounted wellness membership, e-learning platform, new on-site gym, career path consultations, 1-week complimentary trip to Cancun in November 2019

-Streamlined processes with new policies and software (onboarding scheme, career paths, new ATS & employee management system, buddy scheme, expense management system, collaboration software, etc.)

-Started volunteering with the local NGO Vostel and hosted workshops to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM

-All our work is reflected by our new Glassdoor rating: 4.9


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