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Company: PointClickCare, Mississauga, ON Canada

Nomination Category: Achievement in New Employee Onboarding


Nomination Title: PointClickCare's Onboarding Program


Achievement Essay

With top-line growth of more than 20% year over year, PointClickCare was projecting a considerable increase in new talent. For continued success, it was crucial to implement a formal onboarding program to engage, educate and culturally integrate new hires. Several data sources – surveys, focus groups and a cross-functional committee – were used to develop a standardized education and onboarding program. An important design consideration included that our new hires felt welcomed and valued from the moment they signed an employment contract. Prior to their start date, all new hires receive access to an online portal that introduces them to our values and culture, benefits, and information forms. This is delivered through different mediums, such as a welcome letter from our CEO, a Welcome Video, an Onboarding Overview Video, and a copy of our Employee Handbook.On their first day, our new hires participate in a Welcome Session which:

-Reinforces and deepens an understanding of our story, mission and values.

-Provides all assigned technology, and access to our OnPoint Program portal and social platform.

-Provides a detailed walkthrough of their 90-day onboarding journey.

-Includes an office tour (provided virtually for remote staff)

-Concludes with new hires introduced to their team and taken to lunch.

Additionally, every new hire is assigned a ‘Culture Connector Buddy’ to support their successful integration into the organization. This Buddy serves as a role model, answers ad hoc questions, and helps expand the new hire’s network. To qualify as a ‘Buddy,’ established staff must complete an educational module to learn about the onboarding program’s objectives.To increase the program’s engagement, we implemented gamification via mobile apps. Throughout the first week, new hires can see their progress against that of their peers on a gamified leaderboard. The winner of the challenge is announced at the end of week one. At this time, new hires are invited to a session to test their collective and individual knowledge and provide feedback on their onboarding experience.Hiring Managers play a critical role in ensuring our new hires feel welcomed, valued, and integrated. A Manager education module and other resources are provided through an OnPoint Manager portal and social platform, specifically designed to create an onboarding community of practice.Our OnPoint Program also includes a series of online, self-directed learning paths spanning six distinct tracks: Ground Rules, Organizational Basics, Industry & Markets, Products & Services, Systems & Processes and Human Resources.Our 2-day Culture Immersion Session at our Head Office location is one of the highlights of the program, that all new hires attend in person.

Day 1 includes:

· A half day with our executive leadership team focused on our purpose, mission, vision, culture, strategy, our current financial standings and operational updates. · New hires have an opportunity to volunteer at a client facility helping residents and experiencing our product in action.·The evening provides more time to network with colleagues, and our leadership team members.

Day 2 includes:

· A product fair where new hires learn about our customers’ goals, their key challenges, and the products we offer to solve those challenges. · An experiential workshop that provides a practical understanding of our cultural values, promote our company’s heritage and instill a desire to contribute to our high-performance culture.

Launched in January 2019, the OnPoint Program results include:

· 125 new hires have experienced the new OnPoint journey to date. ·End of week 1 Still on Point Pulse Check survey results remain very strong with 98% of new hires indicating they are happy with their onboarding experience so far. ·99% of Managers with new hires in the program believe it will improve the engagement, integration and performance of their new hires.· 70% Agree The OnPoint Program has helped them to engage and integrate at PointClickCare.


Achievement Summary

1. Pre arrival portal: CEO welcome letter & video, OnPoint Onboarding Program overview video & mandatory forms.

2. Every new hire assigned a Culture Connector Buddy.

3. New hire portal/social platform.

4. Hiring Manager portal/social platform & education module/resources.

5. Culture Connector Buddy portal & resources.

6. Day 1 Welcome Session.

7. Week 1 Mobile App Challenge. Organizational basics info delivered using disruptive technology, fun competitive activities.

8. End of week 1, Pulse Check session.

9. Online, self-directed learning path. 6 tracks: Ground Rules, Organizational Basics, Industry & Markets, Products & Services, Systems & Processes, Human Resources.

10. 2 day, Culture Immersion Session, Head Office: half day with executive team, half day volunteering at client facility helping residents & experiencing our product in action, half day Product Fair, half day experiential workshop focused on historical stories that helped shape our culture, deep dive into our values & culture.