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Company: Penti Giyim Ticaret A.S., ─░stanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Diversity or Sensitivity Training


Nomination Title: Rhythm of Colors

Products Essay

In its journey to become a global fashion brand, Penti manufactures and sells innovative products aiming to gain women of all ages a feeling of #alwayswithme. One of the areas that the company underpins in the globalization process is values. One of these values is the value of “Empowerment”, defines as “providing opportunities for women's empowerment in society”.

The name of the program we designed to sustain the value of empowerment and create sensitivity on gender equality in society is the ”Rhythm of Colors”. Our aim is to attract participants' attention to gender inequality. We held our first awareness-raising workshop with all our employees on the day when women were given the right to vote and to be elected.

In the same period, in order to raise awareness of both our employees and candidates and suppliers who paid a visit to our head office, we changed the names of our 12 meeting rooms and dedicated them to women who were exemplary in science, art and social life.

This workshop was held 18 times. The first participants were the CEO and directors. This decision played a critical role in the awareness raising and a sense of ownership for the Rhythm of Colors Workshop.

In addition to the workshops, steps were taken to ensure that the languages and concepts used within the company support gender equality. Revisions were made from toilet signs to the concepts mentioned in the reports.

We designed the Rhythm of Colors Workshop with a focus on learning by experience and producing results. In the workshop, we had an impressive video on gender inequality and then shared the statistics with the participants.

By conducting a simulation on disadvantaged women's roles in our country, we tried to feel the pressure of the gender on our 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Rights defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its limiting effect on our lives. In particular, simulation was very effective in underlining the inequality in which the individual experiences or causes in the society.

We formed smaller groups and we talked about how this experience made them feel, and we tried to find out the reasons for these situations. Culture, human nature, gender differences, geography, religious beliefs and many other reasons were put forward by the participants.

However, the point we reached after the workshop was that “human beings cannot be considered without their rights”. We came to the conclusion that when we do not know our rights, whether they are guaranteed by the state or not, we weaken our potential to realize ourselves and cause it to be suppressed by social standards of living.

Keeping this awareness in mind and based on the belief that the gender concerns anybody, we discussed what we could do differently and determined the steps of implementation within Penti.

We agreed on learning and promoting our rights, recognizing and changing our behavior towards gender inequality and taking initiative to raise awareness of gender inequalities around us and we promised each other that we will always defend our position against gender inequality with mottos “Who if it is not me?” and “When if not today?”

We discussed gender equality as the main topic of one of the “We Talk” events that the company’s employees participate in every 3 months. A demonstration prepared by two business people and a journalist to create awareness and to share the current situation was presented to the employees. Then, the whole company shared their feelings and thoughts on the subject.

In addition to raising awareness, we launched a support line called “Just Consult!” in order to provide support to especially women employees on issues they may face like harassment, violence and domestic conflict.

Products Summary

· The score of empowerment competence increased from 3.21 to 3.98 compared to the beginning of 2018.
· Workshop satisfaction rate was 4.27/5; some reviews;
- It was an event that reflects the realities of Turkey. Thanks!
- It was a beautiful and awareness-raising training. Thanks.
- I learned my rights and realized many other things about myself.
· In the GPtW survey, the rate of the perception that “we are treated fairly regardless of age, sex, sexual identity and ethnicity” increased to 89% from 82%.
· Our Employees Support Line “Just Consult!” is notified on average of 7 cases on a monthly basis and it offers support to our employees or their relatives in the fields of law, psychology and health.
· Our Talent Management Team decided that 70% of the trainees and MT staff to be recruited in 2019 will be women

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