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Company: Oleeo, Scarsdale, NY USA

Nomination Category: Talent Acquisition & Retention Solution Provider of the Year


Nomination Title: Oleeo


Solution Provider Essay

The battle for talent has never been fiercer. Simply predicting that a person is a good fit isn’t enough anymore – what if they won’t accept the offer? What if they are highly likely to leave within the first 90 days? Recruiters focused on high quality outcomes also need to know who is the most likely to accept an offer and stay with the team long enough to make an impact.

Oleeo, the award-winning provider of innovative talent acquisition technology, provides the talent intelligence to unleash your recruiting potential – attracting, engaging and hiring the right diverse talent faster than ever before.

Oleeo Intelligent Selection harnesses machine learning algorithms to make prescriptive recommendations using the evidence of abilities, competencies, skills and experience – as provided through thousands of data points, including those found in test scores, CVs/resumes and application form answers without bias.

Oleeo Intelligent Selection is a powerful tool that can be used with an organization’s existing ATS or as part of the Oleeo platform. The solution helps recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time and hire even faster based on predictive scoring and prescriptive recommendations that measure skills, cultural fit, offer acceptance probability and probable retention.

Oleeo Intelligent Selection works by learning data within the system. It starts with the organization’s existing selection framework, which could include online test scores, video scores, CVs, application forms, competency questions and interview/assessment scores. The solution can even go as far as looking at employee performance data in a role, to then make its recommendations.

An organization’s ATS columns are configured to include the prescriptive recommendation score. This will show a star rating for each application based on fit against the screening criteria. It is recommended that candidates with five stars be progressed straight through to interview, and those applicants with one star be rejected – saving recruiters time screening and instead focus on value-add activities such as building relationships with top candidates.

Machines can analyze exponentially more data in a fraction of the time it takes humans. With Oleeo Intelligent Selection, organizations can identify the percentage of candidates that are recommended to be interviewed, rejected or screened. Intelligent selection can also automatically review all applications globally and flag up to 33 percent of all candidates an organization will extend an offer to. Oleeo Intelligent Selection enables organizations to highlight the diamonds in the rough that no one else knows about. Moreover, organizations can foster diversity, ensuring no adverse selection and deliver regulatory compliance to laws such as GDPR in the EU and EEOC in the U.S.



-Fill hard-to-fill roles by widening the talent pool

-Reduce bias and improve diverse hiring

-Break the sources of talent wide open, increasing the number of sources by around 50 percent

-Hire the best before competitors by hiring faster

-Cut costs and let recruiters do what they love

-Improve hire quality and performance


Measurable results achieved with Oleeo:

Oleeo’s prescriptive intelligence algorithm means recruiters can break the source of talent wide open, increasing the number of sources by approximately 50 percent.

Oleeo’s intelligent automation for volume recruiting means talent can move from application to interview in just 35 minutes; from application to hire in three days; and from application to rehire in five minutes.

-Ninety-seven percent of candidates say Oleeo’s candidate experience rocks.

-Oleeo reduces campus candidate processing time by up to 40 percent.

-Oleeo reduces campus event management time by up to 50 percent.

-Oleeo allows businesses to increase the number of applications and hires – some as high as 40 percent.

-Oleeo improves cross-over win rates versus competitors by at least 20 percent.

-Oleeo lets employers improve diversity of overall hires by up to 30 percent.


Solution Provider Summary

· A single platform that automates talent acquisition process end to end

-Single click automation for flexible identification, attraction, engagement and selection workflows

-Corporate DNA Mapping that predicts cultural fit

-Recruiter’s shortlist prioritized by fit, skills and hiring predictability

-A robust API that extends the power of the platform

-A superior candidate experience every time

-Faster time to hire

· Talent intelligence engine informed by over 120 data points

· 25 years of experience in talent acquisition


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