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Company: Mathand, Inc., Woodstock, GA USA

Nomination Category: Employer of the Year -Materials & Construction


Nomination Title: Mathand, Inc.


Employer of the Year Essay


Mathand, Inc. is a privately-owned Material Handling Distributor based in Woodstock, GA that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year designing and installing material handling systems nationwide from simple selective rack to complicated integrations with conveyor and mezzanines.


Mathand is a direct reflection of its President, Connie Costner. The company is a great employer due to opportunities, trust, and experiences the President and CEO provides her staff. From celebrating every employee’s hire anniversary with company-wide game days to “Staycations” that build teamwork, trust, and instill the company culture, Mathand consistently puts employees first. The belief that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you, is a passion strongly-held by Mathand’s President.


In 2018, Mathand reaped the benefits of a hard-working mentality and was awarded the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association Award for Most Valuable Partner for the fourth year in a row. Mathand successfully satisfied their extensive criteria by demonstrating its excellence in Industry Advocacy, Customer Service and Safety, Business Networking, Continuing Education, and Best Practices. This award is highly coveted by material handling industry leaders with less than 7% of the MHEDA association members being honored. Mathand has benefited from this yearly achievement as it has presented the company with immeasurable opportunities for continuing management training and education in the material handling industry.


The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association honored Connie with a $7,000 scholarship for leadership training in 2018. She was chosen as their recipient after a written interview in which she explained that this training was imperative for the purpose of continuing her dedication to company growth and employee engagement. Leadership training led Connie to a deeper understanding of employee turnover versus retention, further reinforcing her honest belief in Mathand’s employees being the most important company asset. Connie often says, “It’s the process not the person,” and puts all her hiring efforts into choosing the right people. In 2018, Mathand experienced revenue growth resulting in 4 new employees being added to the staff to lighten the existing team’s load.


Mathand’s accomplishments last year included recertification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council validating Mathand as a woman owned business. The WBENC certification has provided extensive networking opportunities since 2015 while giving Mathand the opportunity to create connections with other woman-owned material handling companies. This led Mathand to treat its six women to a “Women in the Industry” conference based in Chicago towards the end of 2018. The conference allowed Mathand’s women to network with other female leaders who have broken through barriers in material handling further inspiring Mathand’s employees to mirror Connie in her efforts to build a bigger and better company in a male dominated industry.


In addition to investing in employee networking and leadership training, Mathand takes constant care to bring life into the office through “Staycations” and game days or fun filled activities decided upon by the team as recognition for a job well done. In 2018, Mathand hosted 3 “Staycations” and celebrated 9 employee anniversaries with game days. These team building adventures are planned to encourage employees to interact with each other outside of their daily agendas. “Staycations” and game days are vital to reinforcing Mathand’s positive work environment while demonstrating that employee satisfaction happens when there is a healthy balance between work and play.


Mathand’s employees were driven to succeed in 2018 as a direct result of positive leadership and endless opportunities for individual growth. Mathand’s team is a product of unconditional encouragement and guidance that can only come from an honest desire to see its employees succeed. 2018 was a record year for Mathand and serves as a snap shot of what can be accomplished with hard work, clearly defined goals, and steadfast support from a compassionate company that understands investing in the wellbeing of its employees will always be a straight shot to success.


Employer of the Year Summary


1) Earned 1st multi-million dollar order

2) Earned the MHEDA MVP Award (four years in a row)

3) Received woman-owned enterprise certification by WBENC

4) Awarded WBENC Scholarship for Leadership Training

5) Hired 4 new employees (For a total of 13)

6) Hosted 9 “Game Days” to celebrate employee anniversaries

7) Organized and hosted Toys for Tots campaign

8) Employee recognition through 3 “Staycations”

9) Provided employee training and leadership council through Women in the Industry conference

10) Encouraged employee fitness by hiring a personal trainer


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