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Company: IBM Corporation

Nomination Category: Learning Management Solution - New


Nomination Title: Talent Connect PLUS: One Stop-shop for Managing End-to-End Learning


Products Essay


IBM Enterprise Operations and Services organization learning management relied on manual workload using emails, spreadsheets, manually scanned paper feedback, etc. There was no automated solution that could provide clarity and visibility for learning demand and delivery in an innovative way. Additionally, manual data management involved the risk of human error and exposure to security threats.

Matching learning demand with available resources was labor-intensive and overly demanding for a limited group of qualified learning services professionals. Turnaround times were extensive. Understanding financial investments and the related ROI were unpredictable. In addition to manual tracking, learning organizers relied on multiple tools to manage data, export/import data outputs between systems repeatedly.

All these issues referenced above had a significant impact on costs, learning opportunities and overall employee engagement.

With an objective to eliminate these challenges, the EO&S Learning and Skills Development team embarked on an initiative to change from a model of “people executing processes supported by technology” to “technology executing processes supported by people”. The core objective of the initiative was to migrate all manual training processes into an integrated solution hosted on the IBM cloud. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive with real-time reporting capability. The implementation of this solution helped to move from offering to demand based planning and made learning management proactive, training cost management more transparent, predictable and efficient.


To achieve this objective, the project team applied Design Thinking and Agile methodologies. User stories were created to capture the need of future users, prioritized by the value delivered. Detailed mock-ups with technical specifications helped development team to efficiently implement the selected features.

Starting in November 2018 the TC+ usage has been gradually increasing, resulting YTD in 100% adoption of all training organizers and trainers involved in the organization’s learning management process. Feedback on the tool is very positive, 93% of users would actively recommend others to use TC+ learning management solution.

In addition, the Feedback feature available in the tool allowed for collection of new user requirements and recommendations on tool functionality. Potential enhancement ideas are captured, validated, prioritized and being worked at as part of the ongoing development.


-Demand: Displays, captures and stores global class requests
-Planning: automated/interactive platform to manage class schedules (location, date, trainer, budget)
-Promotion: Automated events calendar with enrollment option
-Resource management: matches learning demand with qualified resources supported by trainer database and historical training results
-Feedback: cloud-based, secure feedback collection, accessible with one click
-Reporting: Provides real time reporting for continuous learning development improvement


The organization has moved from an intensive, manual driven process to a learning tool utilized to structure/manage organization learning requirements automatically while providing transparency throughout the end-to-end process.

TC+ can be leveraged for end-to-end learning management from request submission to automated feedback collection, analysis (including NPS) and reporting. A user-friendly interface for the business and learning professionals, personalized training reports at one click to ensure continuous improvement.

Talent Connect PLUS has been instrumental in enabling the global learning and enablement team’s ability to satisfy learning organization needs. The ability to provide learning management services improved significantly. Previously, only 63% of the classes could be organized because of the manual workload bottleneck; whereas today, we meet 100% of requests.

TC+ provides powerful insights on learning demand and delivery, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, shortened execution time, better cost management. Since learning sessions are organized in the tool, staff can quickly respond to ever-changing business and client requirements.


-Easy to understand and navigate
-User friendly, love the feedback feature
-Excellent tool, goes beyond our expectations!
-TC+ has great benefits, it simplifies the pre-training process within a single tool
-Having the schedule of the upcoming events and the live feedback page is amazing!
-One-stop shop for learning management

Products Summary

-Team was able to develop and deploy a single integrated/automated solution to manage learning demand, delivery and end-to-end class organization
-Automated workflow eliminating heavy manual workload that (saves at least 2 full time equivalency (FTE) effort on an annual basis
-Visibility of training demand and delivery that enables switch from offering to demand based learning management
-Reduced training organization turnaround time from several weeks to an average less than 1 hour
-100 % adoption rate by class organizers and trainers
-93% of users recommend to others to use this learning management solution
-Improved ability to satisfy learning organization needs from 63% to an astounding 100%
-Real time information and reports, centralized, mineable data collection, shareable insights
-Historical trainer feedback results (feedback/class content insights and action planning)
-Visualized data dashboard

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