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Company: IBM Corporation

Nomination Category: Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing


Nomination Title: IBM Slovakia WellBeing Program


Achievement Essay

IBM is one of the biggest employers in Slovakia and is perceived as the “Employer of choice”. We have the leading role in offering a wide range of benefits. As the health & well-being is really the key priority for us and we feel socially responsible to our employees, we have created and designed the unique internal WellBeing program.

Since 2015, IBM in Slovakia has broadened its 'services' from the periodically organized IBM Health Days to the regular activities divided into four pillars: Mind, Nutrition, Prevention and Sport. As of 2018, we offer to our employees on average 90 WellBeing events monthly (min 2 events/day and more).

WellBeing events' enrollments were up 37% (2017) and 45% (2018). Nearly 60% of our employees already tried at least one of the activities offered. The numbers clearly confirm that this program is very popular among the employees.

Every year we implement several new activities in each pillar. In 2018, besides the participation in popular marathons and runs in Sport pillar, we also introduced biking events.

In the Nutrition pillar, healthy breakfasts are offered to everyone and two sorts of fresh smoothies are being served to the employees 4 times per year. Starting December 2018, IBMers have opportunity to relax in a chill out zone with delicious teas and seasons’ cookies.

The employees highly appreciate that the WellBeing events are in IBM premises, they save a lot of time as they are able to integrate the event into their daily working schedule. One of the new services offered since 2018 are Consultations with psychologist - in the Mind pillar. This initiative was followed by the 24x7 Mental Help line. Every IBMer in Slovakia has the unique possibility to call free the employee assistance service - in order to get either the support with emotional concerns or the advice how to deal with the situation. We offer 12 lectures with psychologist and during October – Mental health month, our employees had the opportunity to check the attention span, discover the memory capacity or learn how to boost the concentration. Another activity implemented in 2018 is also Mindfulness@ISC, the global IBM initiative that arrived to Slovakia and is being led by one of our employees.

We would like to highlight the unique activity that was also developed during 2018 within “Share your skills pillar”, where IBMers offer to their colleagues various skill development activities. Besides yoga in nearly all locations, we offer Creative Fridays or Mamba fitness lessons.

The sitting massages and varicose vein checks in the Prevention pillar were new features in 2018.This year was proclaimed as the “Year of prevention“ in Slovak Republic. Therefore, our regular WellBeing Program activities were set up differently. In past years, we delivered most of the medical checks only during the Spring and Autumn Health Days (twice a year). Nowadays, we offer the most popular events like eye-check and exercise with physiotherapist on the monthly bases in different locations. In numbers this means 600 spots for eye check/year, the same number for birthmarks check. Over 330 employees learned the exercises that help relieve the pain and see the correct sitting posture when being whole day in the office desk. First aid is one of the most important topics connected to the prevention. Up to 400 colleagues enrolled into the First Aid workshop with certificate. During the Spring Health Days, we prepared three new events – blood pressure check (no need to enroll), ECG check and Recovery boots lymphatic massage, so important for the people sitting most of the day. Every employee can also learn the proper hands hygiene – the basic prevention of illnesses.

The overall satisfaction feedback rate for most of the events (well-established as well as the new ones) was around 90-100%.

Achievement Summary

-Well Being is the most valued benefit among our employees in IBM Slovakia
-Over 13k enrollments to the events per year
-95% of satisfaction rate
-Consultation with psychologist can prevent serious mental issues
-Employees can participate in the events within IBM premises thus save a lot of time as they are able to integrate the event into their daily working schedule.
-First prevention check of the diseases that can develop to the serious health issues (high blood pressure, ECG check, varicose vein check, eye check)
-First Aid Workshop knowledge enables our employees to evaluate the status with the collapsed person and provide resuscitation thus save the life of a colleague
-Presentation of the healthy and healthy products (also lactose or gluten free) to all the employees, smoothies with recipes, to try similar food at home as well
-Support of the sport and exercise activities

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