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Company: IBM Corporation

Nomination Category: Learning or Training Professional of the Year


Nomination Title: Peter Usacov - Defining the Future of Career Progression


Individual Essay

Peter is a highly skilled Learning and Development Professional practitioner with over 10 years of experience in developing and delivering offerings to IBM employees. He resonates with students thanks to his ability to be open-minded, actively engaged and inclusive of all people. Peter is an IBM Recognized Educator, Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Team Facilitator and Agile Team Coach which are merits critical to his success as a Learning Development Professional.

Peter started his learning and development career by building up a local education team for one of the IBM Centers of Excellence in Bratislava, Slovakia. He defined learner-centered training portfolios, establishing team standards for learning offerings and led various projects to support skill development.

Peter is the creator, architect and leader of the initiative which turned out to be one of the 2018 key strategic initiatives in the IBM Finance and Operations (F&O) organization and was dedicated to enhancing employee skills development and career management activities. To initiate the project, Peter proposed his vision and a business case which received an overwhelming support from the Human Resources Talent Director and several Vice Presidents from F&O business units. With the sponsorship from the F&O Leadership Team who granted full funding to implement the initiative, Peter became the Project Leader of the Career Progression Project. He formed a team consisting of representatives from HR, F&O business units, software developers and learning development professionals. Peter facilitated this project by leveraging his agile servant leadership skills to create and foster environment where the team was empowered to innovate, implement their ideas and improve them as they progress.

Under Peter’s leadership, using his teaming and integration management skills, the team co-created and deployed the Career Progression platform with the following components:

- Career Progression Framework and Microsite – employee learns how to actively manage his/her career and get overview of all job roles within F&O

- Skills Heat Map Tool – allow employees self-assess skills required for job role and identify potential fit for other roles. Also helping Teams and Leaders see skills mix in the Team

- Talent Management Tool - enable managers to uncover and create appropriate plans to support employees on their career journey, as well as to understand organizational talent continuity needs

- Agile Leadership Maturity Assessment Tool – provide leaders with ability to get 360 feedback on their Agile Leadership

The platform roll out to IBM Finance & Operations was managed as an agile endeavor: iteratively and incrementally. Despite that the tool is optional, in 8 months since its launch, the adoption trend remained positive week over week with currently over 6,000 individuals using it to grow their career.

Since the launch of the Career Progression (September 2018), the platform has become a valuable resource for employees to plan and grow their career aspirations. following provided career patterns, skills development with a step-by-step career opportunities guide, job roles descriptions & profile videos, along with leadership enablement modules.

In parallel, the Career Progression project also supported the organization’s Agile transformation, with Peter leading the effort to simplify the job roles and specialties nomenclature. He did this by working with each team in the organization, aligning to future needs, and identifying career profiles for each area of expertise.

In addition to leading Career Progression initiative, as a professional trainer, during 2018 Peter delivered 2190 student hours of training classes with NPS (Net Promoter Score) results of 76. Those classes were mostly focusing on upskilling new trainers and those trainers since then delivered 4376 student hours with NPS 56.

Peter is an innovator, the dynamo, who is forward thinking and sees new ways of implementing skills and talent development strategies and solutions to restlessly reinvent each individual in the F&O community.

Individual Summary

-Launch of the Career Progression Platform – ( See Career Progression Overview video that was used prior to the launch of the tool including all its components and features.
-Career Progression Framework and Microsite
-Skills Heat Map Tool
-Talent Management Tool
-Agile Leadership Maturity Assessment Tool
-In 8 months, the adoption trend remained positive week over week with over 6,000 employees currently using the tool. Our current NPS is at 75. We have closed 576 user stories (enhancements and new features), 25 are in progress and there are 179 user stories in the backlog.
-Career Progression project recognized with the 2018 Procurement Agile Excellence Award
-Peter and rest of the core project team were awarded the F&O Award for Outstanding Achievements.
-Peter was recognized by personal feedback from F&O Leadership Team and Project Team members and L&D Professionals
-Incredibly positive feedback from the Career Progression users

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