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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Company: IBM Corporation

Nomination Category: Employee Relations Professional of the Year


Nomination Title: Beata Gal-Szeker - Relentlessly Reinventing Employee Engagement


Individual Essay

Beata Gal-Szeker– Internal Communication Specialist and Diversity Focal Point of IBM Hungary ISSC – has always excelled in the engagement of colleagues at our center and is now bringing an even higher level of commitment towards our work environment.

In her 13-year career at IBM Beata has held various positions and has gained in-depth knowledge of multiple areas of IBM’s business portfolio. As a result, she has built a strong network of colleagues within the company. Using her rich experience, in 2018, Beata pioneered the idea of establishing thematic social and diversity teams, which would bring new ideas while organizing events that genuinely motivate employees. The program she created is based on ownership: there is one dedicated team for each selected topic, headed by a (volunteer) coordinator with the active participation of colleagues committed to the specific subject. This setup ensures that the teams’ existence can be sustainable.

Based on employee demand, several thematic teams were founded, including The Parents Club Team, The Sports Team, The Multicultural Team, and The Social Volunteering Team. Thanks to Beata’s relentless enthusiasm, and together with the social teams’ coordinators, she organized 72 events for the employees in 2018. The activities included the participation of more than 1509 colleagues, including a 1-week office summer camp for the employee children and a series of events with famous external speakers.

Beata’s excellent organizational skills and strong leadership enabled the establishment of these valuable internal events. IBM parents got the opportunity to attend psychological workshops which covered topics about children from infancy until the teenage years. At the end of the year, a Santa Day was organized for 200 IBM kids. This day is already a tradition within our center and where Beata was an essential member of the organization team. This year IBM ISSC also took part in a nationwide family-friendly campaign. Under Beata’s coordination and in cooperation with the Parents Club, the center welcomed #showmewhereyouworkday which included various colorful programs for 78 IBM kids at 3 IBM locations in Budapest.

The Sports Team organized a ‘Sports Day’ for employees, an e-sport evening, cycling tours and even office massages thanks to their diligent work. The ‘Multicultural Team’ – which celebrates employees with diverse cultural backgrounds – showcased exotic home countries and organized an IBM International Fair.

The ‘Social Volunteering Team’ worked to support people in need outside of the company as much as possible. Children and the elderly were visited many times. Animal shelters were also approached, and the Team supported their IBM colleagues in cleaning activities at dog shelters as a team building activity.

Beata also managed communication-related tasks of the events and created an internal website where all the social teams can share activities with their colleagues and among themselves. Beata encouraged cooperation among the social teams by organizing several workshops and experience sharing events, as well as the development of joint activities.

Managing the budget for engagement activities was also among Beata’s responsibilities which included strict tracking and reimbursement related tasks.

As firm evidence of the success of social teams, the ‘Family Friendly Workplace Recognition’ was awarded to the Budapest ISSC center. Beata had compiled all the application documentation. Another title - ‘Responsible Employer’ - was considered and recognition was given for our programs in this area in 2018. Recently ISSC received 3rd place for the Randstad ‘Most attractive employer’ title which is be due to Beata’s continued work in engagement. This was demonstrated further by the individual responses and employee feedback collected during the company-wide engagement survey.

Individual Summary

· 72 diverse events organized for 1509 participants (82% of the company population) within a 6-month period
· 1-week office summer camp organized for 48 kids
· ‘Family Friendly Workplace Recognition Award’ won for our Budapest ISSC Center
· ‘Responsible Employer’ recognition received
· IBM ISSC Santa Day organized for more than 200 IBM kids, with NPS result of 81.
· Engagement level raised within the company by 1 point (based on annual internal survey)
· IBM was awarded third place at the annual ‘Randstad Employer Brand Award’ ceremony as the most attractive employer (2019)
· “Show me where you work” Day organized on three IBM locations with an NPS score of 84.

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