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Company: DenizBank A.Ş., İstanbul , Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Professional or Legal Training


Nomination Title: The Sailor of the Wavy Seas (3D) Program


Products Essay

2018 was noted as a year of unexpected changes for Turkey in socio-political and economic aspects. Due to changes in foreign policy, elections in the country, and terrorism, the country's economy experienced huge fluctuations.

-Turkish lira depreciated rapidly against currencies of other countries; country TL is among the most depreciating currencies.
-Inflation reached a record level in the last 20 years due to central policies aimed at balancing exchange rate fluctuation and high prices arising from exchange rate impact in import-dependent economy.

DenizBank's Strategy:

In Turkey's economy facing greatest economic fluctuations of recent years, most affected sector was the banking sector. NPL (Non-Performing Loan), most critical indicator of success for banks, started to increase rapidly; banks could not collect money they previously borrowed. Finding new cash sources became more difficult and banks' sales opportunities decreased dramatically

Under all these economic conditions, DenizBank has built its strategy on three main objectives:

1) Collection: Focusing on the collection of sold but unpaid loans rather than making efforts to sell loans to new customers, with the approach that "2018 is not the year of sale, but the year of collection",
2) Cross Sales: Rather than devoting efforts, time and resources to acquire new customers, keeping existing customers with all the cross-selling opportunities.
3) Deposits: Having main focus on the Bank's gathering of deposits, which is the sole source of income and bringing as much deposit to the bank as possible


To ensure that every employee touching the customer has the strategicel knowledge, skills and competence to experience this transformation were one of the biggest challenges of the bank.

The Sailor of the Wavy Seas (3D) Program was designed to disseminate these 3 main objectives to all employees and to improve these skills.

It was seen that in such a strategic and all-purpose development goal that would concern all units and individuals, offering development solutions to only one business line would not produce the desired result. Therefore, the 3D program was designed as;

-segmented and leveled,
-to all units getting in touch with customers,
-with the fastest methods possible,
-blended methods.

During the 1.5 months of design process, after detailed analysis of needs, the training contents and practices were determined; the content was customized to all business lines, working with the relevant SMEs. At the same time, trainers' manuals were created to ensure the standardization of trainers.

In order to increase the impact of the presentation of the program, the sales managers who directly manage the customer channels were assigned as trainers. Thus, all employees received the trainings directly from the manager who would evaluate their performance.


The 3D Program started with pre-videos. Participants whose knowledge was synchronized at the basic level by watching these videos that teaches on basics of 3 main objectives came together for in-class trainings at their work-regions.

To ensure knowledge, skills and competence in the training flow;

-Strategy sharing video of the Bank’s CEO
-Strategy-sharing videos of the EVPs and business line managers
-Presentations where the sales manager shares the main skills
-Activities like experience sharing, etc. took place.

The most impressive feature of the program was that each region used its own real data and samples in trainings. In this way, the participants had the opportunity to review their own data during the trainings.

Through the Sell-R question tool, learning was reinforced with questions, exams are used to define development areas.

Serving as a model for the sector not only with its design but also with its application, the 3D program was completed in 7 weeks; and 5500 participants received the trainings in 144 sessions with 30 trainers.

Products Summary

-Significant improvements were observed across the bank in all three main objectives after the 3D Program.
-Cross-Selling rates increased by 152.63% after the training.
-367.55% improvement was achieved in the number of collections.
-NLP (non-performing loan) ratios remained below the average of private banks in Turkey despite the economic challenges. (While the sector average was 5.2%, DenizBank's average was 4.72%)
-The investment in the 3D development program increased itself by 3.65 times only in the SME segment and only after 1 week of performance change. When all segments and ongoing improved performance are considered, it is measured that 3D trainings were, above all, a very effective investment for the bank's performance.

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