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Company: Datamatics Global Services Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nomination Category: Best Talent Management Strategy


Nomination Title: Focused on standardized and transparent competency-based people processes


Achievement Essay


At Datamatics, our Talent Management Strategy focuses on standardized and transparent competency-based people processes.

Role Analysis, Profiling & Competency Mapping:

An in-depth study, which comprised of detailed discussion with the Business heads, Managers, and role incumbents helped us to identify 4-5 critical competencies required for the role. Overall 120+ unique roles were studies, outlining the role responsibilities, job specifications, and functional & behavioral competencies essential to succeed in the role. Each competency comprises of a definition and four proficiency levels, namely Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate, and Expert.

This forms the foundation for all Talent Management interventions.

Individual-Mapping and Competency-Based Performance Management:

An online Competency platform has been integrated with our performance management platform. The identified competencies have been mapped to all employees basis their role. While the key deliverables ensure the employee is clear about the set goal, competency setting focuses on the behaviors and attitude required to achieve these goals successfully.

Competency mapping helps in the identification of strengths and development gaps for each employee, thereby helping us plan focused development programs.

Competency-Based Recruitment:

To create a culture of hiring for attitude, various initiatives have been introduced including Role specific Psychometric assessments and Competency-based interviews. A series of Interviewing skills workshop was conducted to equip all hiring managers with behavioral interviewing techniques to enable them to gauge the potential of the candidate, thereby hiring the right fit with the right attitude.


Being an IT/ITeS company, it is essential for our technical taskforce to keep upgrading their skills on an ongoing basis. The iCertify program was launched this year. It is an online platform for employees to attempt technical assessments and earn certification on scoring the required percentage. This helps in creating an encouraging environment for employees to keep sharpening their skill set.

Career Dialogues:

Career Dialogues program was launched to deliver focused career enrichment opportunities for our key talent. It is a one-on-one discussion, aimed to gain a better understanding of the individual’s strengths, aspirations, career goals, and development areas. Basis this conversation, employees are provided with opportunities in line with business goals like job rotation, role enhancement, short term projects and more.


Turning the search engine inside the organization with ‘Aspire–our talent mobility program’. This online platform provides employees the opportunity to apply for open positions across the organization, to enhance their career growth and development. These internal movements have benefitted the organization not only in retaining employees but also in building well-rounded professionals passionately delivering on organization goals.

Talent Profile:

An online platform built in-house acts as a one-stop-shop for all employee professional information available at click-of-a-button. This enables managers, leaders and HR team to have a comprehensive picture of their teams/talent pool. It also helps employees to keep their profiles up-to-date with their professional experience/education/certifications/competencies/technical skills/accomplishments and more at one place. Talent profile tool helps in creating visibility of skillsets of current workforce, thus enabling management to know their employees better and make informed decisions.

For example, if management wants to know the number of employees who are PMP certified, the tool will display the results in seconds.

Building Talent Pipeline for Sales:

Graduate-Executive-Program, a fast track program was launched to build the talent-pipeline for the Sales & marketing team by on-boarding and grooming young talent from campus.

Multiple development initiatives like Business orientation, learning workshops, Action Learning Projects, on-the-job opportunities and Practioner’s session by in-house-experts were designed and conducted in the last 18 months to develop well-rounded sales professionals. Considering the business impact made by these graduates in generating demand for our Sales team, they have earned a full sponsorship for their higher education i.e. postgraduate management course from reputed colleges. This will further hone their skills as young Sales leaders and contribute to the company’s growth plan.

Achievement Summary

• 120+ roles documents defined outlining the critical functional & behavioral competencies and detailed job descriptions

• 200+ internal job postings reflecting on the Aspire portal with 42 successful internal movements last year

• 250+ participants for iCertify encouraging the culture of learning and continuous improvement

• 950+ qualified Leads generated through the Graduate Executive program leading to the business development of Appx. 16 million USD

• Overall attrition within inside sales team reduced by 17%, 0% attrition in Graduate Executive Program.

• 5000+ Assessment conducted for hiring the right talent and developing them

* Please note: Since we are facing difficulty in uploading the Annexures and supporting documents, the same has been mailed on help @stevieawards.com

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