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Company: Concentrix, Tempe, AZ USA

Nomination Category: Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion


Nomination Title: Improving Women’s Lives Both in and out of the Company


Achievement Essay



Concentrix grew exponentially over the past few years to 225,000 staff in 275 locations across 40 countries. India is one of the largest Concentrix locations with 46,000 across 13 cities. India also has one of the highest rates for female unemployment.



With our fast-paced growth, the hiring and recruiting policy in India needed to be restructured to meet immediate and future staffing needs. Increasing the diversity ratios within our organization would also contribute to the local community and impact India’s female unemployment.



A thorough assessment revealed the diversity and inclusion program should:

· Increase the available talent pool by partnering with non-profits and NGOs to educate underserved groups.

· Increase diversity recruitment through job fairs and other outreach programs for women.

· Improve retention, which also leads to increased internal referrals.


Increasing Talent Pool

Investing in the Community

First: expand the pool of eligible staff through education and career assistance. Concentrix sponsored underprivileged young girls at NanhiKali / N-Star Centers that provide engagement and vocational trainings. The N-star centers educate and upskill underprivileged girls from the age group of 16 – 21 years to make them more employable.


Focused Recruiting

Concentrix sponsored women-only job fairs and job search customized programs for hiring teams to create awareness and inclusive hiring strategies. Awareness programs educated managers and senior leadership on inclusive leadership and unconscious biases while orientations helped the hiring team embrace diversity.



Increase Women-Focused Benefits


By mitigating some of the issues which might cause women to quit, we proactively addressed attrition. Concentrix revised the maternity policy to include childcare leave and flexible working hours. Maternity benefits now offer four years of enhanced child care support plan, six months of paid maternity leave and a flexible post-maternity plan which can include part-time work. This also includes adoption leave. There is also a Sabbatical Leave Policy for life emergencies.


Staff have the flexibility to switch roles or plan career moves, enabling them to manage their personal responsibilities. Employees can relocate to other Concentrix locations to manage their personal life and family commitments.


To address women’s safety concerns, company-sponsored transport has strict security and safety guidelines for which includes a Transport Emergency Helpline. Concentrix also has a Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) committee and offers self-defense training.


Empower, Progress and Engage through NOW

Our global Network of Women (NOW) initiative touched 6,900 employees with training, promotion, career development and wellbeing programs. NOW programs such as the IMPower and Womenspiration sessions bridge the mentorship gap with nearly a thousand hours of leadership talks. NOW hosted nearly 2,500 hours of sessions. IMPower offers career training programs based on level such as Business Acumen & Finance Essentials, Leadership Skills and Professional Development. Invested 600 hours of classroom sessions and 1,150 hours of “Let’s Talk” sessions). More than 1,900 female employees at 37 facilities participated in a week-long International Women’s Day celebration.


The benefits and NOW worked together to achieve the company diversity retention. Attrition for female staff in 2018 was at a low 4.8% compared to an average estimate in the BPO industry of 15-30%.


Achievement Summary

1. Fast growth created need for increasing the available talent pool through diversity initiatives

2. Increase employability, diversify recruiting, improve retention and careers while supporting the local female population

3. CSR outreach made disadvantaged and underserved girls and women more employable

4. Diversity Recruiting in 2018: achieved 40.84% of a goal of 33%.

5. In 2018 there were 29.7% women promoted compared to 28% in 2017

6. Female specific benefits such as back to work program after maternity leave, flex time onsite child care for four years and security and safety program were implemented to mitigate attrition.

7. Attrition for female staff in 2018 was at a low 4.8% compared to an average estimate in the India BPO industry of 15-30%.

8. Training on cultural sensitization of staff

9. Leadership development for women through NOW

10. Relocation to other Concentrix locations to support personal life and family commitments


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