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Company: Cisco, San Jose, CA USA

Nomination Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year


Nomination Title: Macy Andrews, Team Lead for Cisco’s Talent Brand Team


Individual Essay

Four years ago, Macy Andrews became the team lead for Cisco’s Talent Brand Team, which sits in the Talent Acquisition/HR organization as a key driver for recruitment marketing metrics.

Macy led the team of three (at the time) away from “Cisco Jobs” and posting with #jobs #apply #now #everything to recognizing team strengths and building an award-winning, industry-leading Talent Brand team. Now with a team of seven, this still-nimble-but-mighty team has become the gold standard for amplifying employee voices through EGC (employee-generated-content) for a real-life look at the culture of Cisco and what it’s like to work here. With 40+ awards in 2018, the team continues to innovate.

Macy enables calculated risks for the Talent Brand team. For example, after a highly-successful program of asking interns to do daily takeovers of the WeAreCisco Snapchat account, she enabled the team to use metrics and their instincts to RETIRE the account when data showed that the audience was moving to different platforms.

Programs that Macy’s team manages, like the #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork employee contest (which generates much of the EGC the team uses for candidate storytelling opportunities) has made an impact on the number of Career site visitors that Cisco receives. In 2018, the Careers website saw 3.5X core unique visitors than the previous year, and 88% of those visitors are staying on the site (they’re not “bouncing” off) – which is up 33% from the previous year.

Through engendering this employee trust and feeling that they can be themselves (our motto is Be you, with us, #WeAreCisco) Cisco was able to see a YOY trend on the Fortune Great Places to Work list, jumping from #82 in 2016 to #69 in 2017 to 42 in 2018! (And in 2019, we landed at #6!)

But she doesn’t stop there. Macy has also been tasked with leading a SECOND team of University Recruiting – a great fit with her Talent Brand team, as UR is the on-the-ground branding Cisco to university students. Her leadership there has delivered excellent results for that team as well, despite a decrease in budget and an increase in demand. That just motivates Macy to defy the odds and continue to do things differently.

Implementing digital sourcing and “Cisco Days” (bringing top candidates to campuses) Cisco is now able to source from a broader set of schools to allow more diversity in candidates. This talent is also exposed to Cisco’s real-time culture, meeting employees and hiring managers, while going through assessments and interviews. It’s a high-touch model for the highly qualified and offer acceptance rates are above 70% after this experience.

In addition, Macy has increased focus on Focusing on diversity events to show off the Cisco life for university students, increased the services provided by the university team such as enhanced “first day” experiences and orientations that are role-specific.

The results speak for themselves. University hiring grew by 29% YOY, and for the 2019 Fiscal Year the team is on track to hire more than 4K interns and new grads in 43 countries globally – all while REDUCING cost per hire over $600. While diversity data is still coming in, there has been an increase in female hiring in our technical roles year over year.

Individual Summary

-3.5X core unique visitor increase YOY, 88% staying on the site -which is up 33% YOY
-Fortune Best Places to Work list jumps -#82 in 2016, #69 in 2017, 42 in 2018! (And in 2019, we landed at #6!)
-Talent Brand team with 40+ awards in 2018
-University hiring grew by 29% YOY, on track to hire more than 4,000 Interns and New Graduates in 43 countries globally
-Reduced university recruiting costs by over $600 per hire despite INCREASE in demand by focusing on digital sourcing and “Cisco Days” (bringing top candidates to campuses in a high-touch model.)
-Increased female hiring in technical roles *** (diversity numbers aren’t publicly shared)

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