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Company: Cisco, San Jose, CA USA

Nomination Category: Achievement in Recruitment


Nomination Title: Cisco TA – Talent Acquisition


Achievement Essay

Meet Cisco’s Talent Acquisition Model 2.0 – where we have the highest requisition volumes in the history of the company (increases of 50%) with a need to reduce our cost per fills (which we did by over 25%.)

Cisco’s digital transformation required us to take a closer look at how we work and what we deliver to meet a complex demand for the business.

Some may think Cisco is “old” (30+ years strong!), and only about hardware, but we’re in the midst of an enterprise-wide digital transformation – so now we’re also a cloud and software company. And a security company. A blockchain company. We even invented an intuitive network that adapts, predicts, learns and protects. No other company can do what we do – you can’t put us in a box!

This is driving the need for new roles and capabilities worldwide within our Sales, Engineering, and Customer Experience organizations – which meant an unparalleled global Talent Acquisition transformation was needed.

We went with a four-fold approach that took us on a journey.


1: Redefine our Operation Model, Begin to Differentiate How we Manage Requisitions – To do this we re-classified all of our requisitions and globally re-aligned our recruiter talent into three categories:

Accelerated – the 40% of our pipeline that is aligned with internal movement / can pre-identify candidates for quicker fills.

Core – the 30% of our pipeline that is aligned with jobs that our brand carries well and candidate slates that are easier to build.

Complex – the 30% of our pipeline that are new skills for Cisco and need different solutions to fill.


2: Implement “Micro-Strategies” – Talent Brand 2.0 – to Enhance our Talent Brand to Markets and Job Families where we are not considered the obvious employer of choice

-Expanding our existing Cisco Talent Brand – enterprise level awareness and reputation such as @WeAreCisco, Grace Hopper initiatives.

-Customized Content – targeted / aligned to complex skills through use of personas and custom content created for candidates.

-Digital/Community Marketing –high-touch relationships in areas we are not considered Tier 1 in and building those connections.

-Targeted Social – establishing new, preferred channels with custom messaging for targeted/paid sourcing.


3: Expand our Partner Support Eco-System – Included in this effort was:

-Better use of our “Recruiter-on-Demand” model for our operating model changes.

-Creating a portfolio of options for our Recruiters to leverage post intake meeting with their managers enabling faster time to close and “candidate fit”

-Deploying key technology/digital enablers – Diverse Talent Accelerators that would ensure we have our “fair market share” of diverse talent, enhance employee referral offerings, and our automated interview scheduling.


4: Ensure we Maintain our KPI’s During this Change –hiring manager satisfaction, candidate slate satisfaction, recruiter satisfaction and new hire satisfaction.

-The team hit the mark on all accounts as our KPI’s remained consistent throughout our transformation and our TA employee engagement increased in all categories! With a 4.74 out of 5.0, and the most impactful areas being “I have the chance to use my strengths every day” and “On my team, I’m surrounded by people who share my values.”


The results of our TA Ops Model 2.0.

-Recruiter productivity that measures the average requisition loads have increased by as much as 200% -helping to create the appropriate level of capacity for our recruitment teams.

-Lowered our overall budget spend by 15%, while increasing our total requisition volumes by 35%.

-Maintaining KPI’s and satisfaction scores, all while overhauling how we work.

-Partnered differently with our customers to implement “Talent Brand 2.0” to drive talent networks and communities and increase our brand to markets and candidates with minimal Cisco exposure, while continuing to innovate with our current talent brand, exceeding goals and industry averages.


Achievement Summary

-Recruiter productivity increased by 200%, thus redefined operating model to manage requisitions differently into accelerated, core, and complex – to better align with the business.

-Lowered our overall budget spend by 15%, while increasing our total requisition volumes by 35%.

-Implement micro-strategies and Talent Branding 2.0 to continue to drive overall Cisco awareness as a great place to work, but also focus on niche talent pools who may not think of Cisco first for these types of roles.

-Diverse Talent Accelerators, to ensure we support our inclusion and diversity goals.

-TA team engagement/satisfaction – with overall team score of 4.74/5


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