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Company: Ministry of interior, Manama, Bahrain

Nomination Category: Human Resources Team of the Year -Other


Nomination Title: Excellence Core team (ECT)

Team Essay

Today we will tell the story of an outstanding team which is called Excellence Core Team (ECT). This story is full of challenges and achievements; it began in 2014 when the Assistant Undersecretary of Human Resources at Bahrain Ministry of Interior (MOI) decided to start the Human Resources Authority (HRA) journey to excellence and chose a team of five exceptional employees for this mission. ECT has developed a strategic plan that is based on the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and providing added value to all HR services. ECT has been able to help all departments under the HRA to enhance their performance and improve their services. These efforts reach not only thousands of employees the HRA serves, but also, the community beyond the ministry.

ECT has subsequently created committees, from HRA directorates, with the goal of representing and tailoring the implementation of excellence policies in an appropriate manner for each directorate. Their primary objective is to internally audit HRA departments, both to ensure correct deployment and application of excellence policies and to facilitate concrete steps in achieving other work-related objectives. As direct results of these efforts HRA was acknowledged by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) with the Certificate of Recognition for Excellence-4 stars (April 2018), becoming the first organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve this feat.(ref.1)

To be awarded this excellence certification, the ECT team completed many projects, focused on integrating the EFQM model throughout the work environment. These included, but not limited to, establishing an annual staff satisfaction and engagement survey to improve employee morale and productivity. Analysis of these results by the team enabled to identify critical areas for improvement and subsequently undertook actions to address employee concerns. These included:

-Ensuring that the training opportunities are fairly and appropriately distributed among employees, based on their needs.
-Implementing quarterly evaluations and guidance for all employees from their superiors.
-Involving employee input into the departmental plans, considering the alignment of personal and departmental objectives.
-Adopting the “Quality of Life” project, which aids in the enhancement of mental and physical health of staff members (includes establishing workshops and lectures meant to raise awareness on various subjects, e.g. “Protect your heart” and “Breast cancer awareness”) (ref. 2,3)
-Organizing and coordinating in social and entertaining events to provide a varying work routine (Sports Day, National Day, etc.).(ref.4)
-Acknowledging and nominating distinguished staff members and teams for local and international -awards to motivate them (e.g. Oracle Team won the Stevie Award [2018] (ref. 5), and Brigadier General Adel Amin won the Feigenbaum Accomplished Leader Prize, 2019. (ref. 6).
-Establishing a Creativity and Innovation Program to encourage employees to share their designs and innovations (inspiration was drawn after reviewing esteemed practices in the field and specially DEWA in UAE ).(ref.7)

All these efforts resulted in increasing the staff satisfaction, which has reached its highest level in 2018.

Aside from quality improvement and employee satisfaction, one of the ECT’s foundational values is to leave a positive impact on the community, while spreading knowledge, by assisting a number of organizations (inside and outside of the ministry) in the implementation of excellence policies. The effort gained when many entities have improved and got rewarded such as:

-The Office of the Governorates Achieve one star committed to Excellence(Dec. 2018) by the EFQM.
-The Youth and Sports Foundation won five Stevie Awards in 2018. (ref.8)
-Many of the other organization are now in the process of implementing the development projects and nominating for international awards.

In services level, ECT is keen to ensure that the plans of the sections seek to achieve the main objective of the HRA to accelerate and improve services and electronic transformation, therefore the electronic services provided to customers increased by 1900% in 2018.

Team Summary

-Four-star recognition for excellence from (EFQM).
-Accelerate the HRA electronic services by %1900 in 2018.
-Increase in employee satisfaction which reached its highest percentage in 2018.
-Assist the Coordination Office of the governorates in obtaining commitment to excellence from (EFQM).
-Motivate and nominate employees for international awards
-Stevie award for Back Office Customer Service Team of the Year in 2018
-Stevie award for Best Use of Technology in Customer Service in HRA in 2018
-Feigenbaum accomplished leader prize in 2019.
-Launching and implementing the Employees Creativity & innovation Program.
-Improve employee’s lifestyle by setting up Quality of Life program.
-Conduct many community activities. Such as Children’s International Day, "Bahrain For All".(ref.9)
-Assist Youth and Sports Foundation organization to nominate for 5 Stevie Awards.
-Assist many departments in developing their strategic plans and development programs

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