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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2019, Click to Enter The 2020 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Company: Asure Software, Austin, TX USA

Nomination Category: Talent Management Solution -New Version


Nomination Title: Workspace Sensors to Improve Employee Health and Well-Being Reduce, Reduce Energy Costs and Increase Building Efficiency


Products Essay

Baby boomers are retiring and new generations with different values, expectations, preferences, and ways of working are joining the workforce. Combined with the rise of the “Gig Economy” (professionals abandoning traditional 9-to-5 employment for contract opportunities), U.S. unemployment rates at historic lows, and a growing mobile workforce expected to make up 72 percent of the workforce in 2020, employers -and their HR teams -are getting serious about adopting alternative work strategies that will help them to compete for top talent.

In fact, 2018 saw more employers adopt alternative work programs as they recognized they couldn’t just keep trying to assign employees to seats for 8 hours a day, five days a week. Sedentary office lifestyles are not compatible with today’s agile and increasingly diverse workforce, not to mention the potential negative impact on employee satisfaction, health, and wellbeing. Our new world of work requires a workplace that attracts and maintains the right talent, motivates and encourages productivity, and drives real, quantifiable results.

Asure Software’s proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) Software as a Service (SaaS) and product — SmartView — multi-function workplace occupancy and utilization sensor solution developed to help businesses better manage available real estate and workstations as well as truly elevate how, when, and where work gets done. As a result, companies are able to create work environments that match the flexibility today's workers have already come to expect from every other aspect of their lives, as well as reflect how their space is actually used by their people. More than 200 customers worldwide have implemented more than 300,000 first-generation SmartView sensors.

In 2018, Asure focused on capturing and cataloguing use cases for SmartView, where it measured $45 million in ROI for its Barclays Bank customer, attained compliance for the technology in 20 new countries, and completed R&D for the launch of the second-generation of SmartView. In March 2019, Asure released to the public an updated version of SmartView that now accurately captures environmental conditions around the office building, including temperature, light, noise, air pressure and air quality. With its unique ability to bring utilization analytics and important environmental data into one unified system, employers are now able to confidently implement smarter office designs that reflect a more effective use of space (based on how their people actually work), while also being able to make educated and cost-effective decisions about their workspace that will dramatically reduce energy costs, increase building efficiency and improve employee health and wellbeing.

The game-changing benefit of this new environmental feature for employers looking to attract and retain talent, of course, is data. SmartView network receivers send information to the cloud where companies have access to real-time occupancy data and now environmental conditions. These actionable insights tie workspace and workforce together to help businesses understand when and where employees are living their day to day work lives as well as opportunities to improve the space that will help them be most productive and happy — perhaps a room is found to have low humidity air, which can increase employee susceptibility to colds and other respiratory illnesses; or they determine certain areas are not being used because there’s too much noise nearby or the lighting is unpleasant; or they learn that a conference room's CO2 levels are above 1,000 parts per million (ppm) — the level after which employees may start suffering from drowsiness, headaches, and sleepiness that lead up poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate, and nausea. Companies can leverage the new version of SmartView to change the conversation about employee engagement and experience to be more holistic, and to make more informed decisions about how to create environments their people can do their best, most productive work.

Products Summary

Strategic new customer acquisitions globally; ranging industries from higher education, to government agencies, to large enterprises.
Product development to deliver unobtrusive devices that could be implemented overnight, with minimal IT support/requirements.
Attained compliance for workspace sensor technology in more than 20 countries.
Measured $45 million in ROI for Barclays Bank customers, with operations in 40 countries and 120,000 employees.
Research and development work leading up to the forthcoming launch of a new environmental sensor to enable companies to save on energy/efficiency.
Changing the HR/IT conversation to one focused on how the environment and flow of the workplace can deliver a remarkable employee experience that retains and attracts talent.

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