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Company: Arvato CRM Turkey, ─░stanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Curated Training Platform Of The Year-Other


Nomination Title: Atlantis


Products Essay

The Need:


Need for Agile Development after Rapid Growth:

Arvato CRM Turkey is a customer service point providing services to corporate brands through all channels that their end customers can reach them. Arvato, which grows rapidly with more than 3,000 employees in 8 locations, provides information flow very fast and also brought the following issues into the forefront:

-The complexity and high numbers of the programs used ie. the need for simplification at the applications

-Centralization of the quality measurement module that provides data to learning processes,

-Re-structuring the feedback system in an efficient and effective manner,

-Providing up-to-date and quick access to product, service, and process information,

-Implementing measurement and follow-up mechanisms (quiz, survey, homework, etc.)

-Establishing an automatic structure for the training courses that must be taken periodically,

-Maintaining and monitoring training and development records,

-Carrying out internal communication and motivation studies,

-and also the need for agility and flexibility especially in development issues.


The Solution:

Based on these needs, Arvato has designed an advanced platform on which it can monitor its employees' development. All LMSs and similar applications in the sector were examined in this context, and all products were evaluated and scored according to the requirements list items. In this context, since there was no platform to fully meet the needs, and no ready-made solution could fulfill the flexibility needed by Arvato CRM Turkey, the company started the process of developing its own customized solution and designing a new platform completely customized for Arvato CRM Turkey.

Based on all these needs, "Atlantis", which is Arvato CRM Turkey's LMS, communication and collaboration portal, was designed in December 2018.


The Design:

As well as being a standard, conventional LMS, Atlantis is a holistic solution designed to meet all the quality, development, and communication needs of the organization. The main focuses of Atlantis are;

-e-learning and development monitoring platform

-Quality measurement and development platform

-Internal communication platform

-It is designed as a platform for providing feedback.


Designed as a 3-lingual platform; after the success of the project, it became a commercial product offered by Arvato to its customers. It is offered to existing customers as a product and positive feedback is received. The works are underway to locate Atlantis as a product for potential customers in 2020.


Features and Highlights of the Project:

The main objective of Atlantis is standardization, optimization, efficiency, and continuous improvement of training processes.


The advanced features of Atlantis can be listed as follows:


A-E-learning and Development Monitoring Platform

-Access to online and digital trainings

-In-house Knowledge Management tool

-Training and development monitoring

-Virtual Classroom Application

-Knowledge Measurement and Quiz Module: Measurement of knowledge acquisition by preparing subject-based quizzes

-Uninterrupted development opportunity anywhere anytime


B-Quality Measurement and Development

-Quality Measurement: Application and interface ensuring measurement and recording of service quality across all channels on a single platform.

-Quality Improvement: Digital detection of missing points in quality measurement results and assignment of automatic improving actions and training courses for these issues.


C-Internal Communications

-Internal Communication Platform

-Announcement and corporate communication messages

-Survey Application: The opportunity to create a survey on any subject and to analyze the results

-Employee happiness tracking: A sharing platform where employees can define the moods they feel every day by selecting emojis and thus converting them into measurable data

-With FAQ and library areas, it is a basic source of knowledge



-Feedback Module: A platform on which the managers, coaches, and trainers can record their feedback about the employees and all these feedback is saved.


Products Summary

The Results:

-The 3-day in-class onboarding training was converted to digital training via Atlantis; this provided 58 FTE and 174K TRY cost advantage in 2 months.

-Considering efficiency of the operations carried out for two major customers to provide orientation trainings, usage of Atlantis provided an advantage of 110 FTE and a saving of 330K TRY.

-Atlantis has been used by the employees with high motivation since the day it was launched; in the first 2 calendar month of its launch

-30,000 Live Chat

-26,000 Messages

-275,000 Announcements

-5 libraries and ~ 1,800 articles

-600 reports in 17 report types,

-100 online training and ~ 18,000 trainee assignment to the trainings,

-70 quiz assignments and ~1,200 user login, ~ 5,000 Mood Entry

-9 surveys and ~ 800 survey responses

-4,500 Feedback messages were shared.


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