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Company: Arcelik A.S., Istanbul, Turkey

Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media -Technical Training


Nomination Title: New Blended Training Programme Structure


Achievement Essay

Arçelik is one of the biggest manifacturing companies of Turkey having operations in durable consumer goods industry with production, marketing and after-sales services with its 30,000 employees, 18 different production facilities in 7 countries, its 34 sales and marketing companies in 32 countries all over the world and its 11 brands serving products and services in more than 145 countries.

Arçelik’s strategic priorities in four areas are:
· Growth
· Customer
· Innovation
· Operational Excellence

Purpose and Audience

There was a dire need to accelerate leadership development to catch up with Company’s ambitious growth plans in global context for current and future needs. Arçelik needed to develop a comprehensive leadership program that meets the expectations and is aligned with strategies to cultivate and develop leaders of tomorrow.

In 2017, leadership programs that had been applied in different structures were redesigned under a brand-new roof to build a strong talent pipeline for specialists and leadership roles at all levels: It is called Leader in You.

As part of Leader in You, in 2018 Leadership Journey which will be detailed in this application was put into practice as the most important part of this comprehensive leadership program. Program focuses on leadership skills that will help managers, who have become first-level managers at specialist level, advance from specialist to managerial mindset and leadership skills that might be needed in various changing/operations

Goals of the Program:
-To provide a strong basement for whole Leadership Development Program to raise employer satisfaction and retention of not only new managers but also employees.
-To prepare participants for their new roles and responsibilities
-To support business strategies by shifting mindset of new leaders to gain competitive advantage in market
-To strengthen visionary leadership within organization by developing managers in line with strategies and corporate challenges
-To support loyalty and retain the high potential ones in the organization
-To build a strong network among future leaders
-To ensure the adoption of new managers joining from external sources to corporate and leadership culture of Arçelik
-To fasten new managers from external sources build network among their peers

Four critical points were especially highlighted during design:

-Program’s integration in Arçelik’s HR systems
-Program’s integration in “Leader in You”, which is Arçelik’s LDP
-Ensuring that the learning is at the highest level possible
-Program’s compliance with the company’s vision and Leadership Model as well as the outputs in focus group meetings

The program is spread over a total of 9 months and consists of 2 parts:

1-Leadership Module: Five modules including various leadership development tools.

In addition to in-class trainings, the program is enriched with a pre-training assessment by and during which the development needs of participants are identified, project events intended to put what is learnt during trainings and follow-up coaching meetings.

2-HR Orientation for Managers Module: Consist of e-learning sessions which aim to improve knowledge of managers on HR practices and processes of Arçelik.

Implementation and Result
LJP was welcomed by the participants, as well as their managers and top management. 161 managers working in Turkey and global operations completed program with very high participation rate of 95% and evaluation scores of 3.9/4. Effects of the program has begun to be seen in managers’ approach to many human resources practices since the program developed a common culture and behavioral style.

In addition to the fact that the program’s short term effects are quite positive, its positive impacts in succession planning (promotions and critical role replacement) within the talent pool and leadership pipeline will be seen more concretely in future. Initial positive effects of this has already started, vacant positions for upper level have been filled from this level by a quite high ratio of 92%.

Achievement Summary

1-At design, all stakeholders contributed to create a program linked to overall needs. The sponsorship of the program was held by top management.
2-Various methods were orchestrated within program considering 70:20:10model. 360-degree assessment, one-to-one coaching, action-learning, webinars, development planning have been applied successfully in modular structure.
3-Sustainability is provided by development-plans; one-to-one follow-up interviews were held with related manager once every 3-months.
4-Success indicators for overall measurement of effectiveness was monitored. Pre-post evaluations on knowledge has changed from 72% to 84%.
5-Leadership competencies of participants were significantly improved. It is supported by 360°-Assessment Results increased to 3.8 /4 from 3.2/4.
6-A very important output in terms of talent retention is turnover rates; %0.7 for participants while 6% for Arçelik overall in 2018.
7-A significant improvement on engagement scores; up to %87 from %82 for managers and up to %82 from %63 for employees.

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