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Company: AINS, Inc., Gaithersburg , MD USA

Nomination Category: Performance Management Solution -New


Nomination Title: AINS Adds Performance Management to Innovative HR Solution


Products Essay

AINS is a leading global provider of cloud-based, adaptive case management platforms and solutions. Since 1988, AINS has empowered over 400 organizations around the world to rethink how they work by providing innovative software solutions and services. The development of case management technology has become an emerging approach to solving real-world business challenges across the public and private sectors in the past 25 years. Case management frameworks reduce the complexity of creating case-style process solutions by embedding best practices and architectural patterns into unified frameworks.

Unlike other BPM solutions that were retrofitted for case management, eCase was built for case management from the ground up, enabling faster prototyping and production of solutions across diverse business processes. By leveraging the power of our eCase platform, AINS excels at analyzing client business requirements and quickly configuring (not coding) lightweight, scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers. This includes a variety of human resources solutions that are part of the eCase HR Suite of Applications.

We built our most recent application, eCase Performance Management, to automate the end-to-end performance management process on one centralized platform, while promoting accountability and engagement. eCase Performance Management is designed to fit into the HR Suite of Applications as a whole, complete HR solution. No more HR processes in a million places: all applications are centralized on the eCase Platform, integrated around the eCase Employee Portal.

AINS created the eCase Employee Portal with the goal of returning the focus of HR software processes back on the employee, rather than the processes themselves. With the Employee Portal, the power of the HR process is returned not only to HR personnel, but also to the employees. Together, the eCase Employee Portal and eCase Performance Management enable organizations to:

-Motivate employees, keeping them results-oriented with meaningful goals, continuous feedback and clear communication.
-Organize operations with reports and dashboards that extract data to quickly assess the performance of individuals, departments or the agency as a whole.
-Use On Time Performance Automation, calendaring and notifications keep evaluations on track.
-Ensure compliance with rules and regulations through streamlined processes and detailed data capture.
-Improve accuracy across the enterprise with integration to the HR Suite of Applications and the Employee Portal.

eCase Performance Management supports four types of roles in the lifecycle of the performance management process: Employee, Rating Official, Reviewing Official, and Performance Management System Program Administrator. Program Administrators configure options such as setting up and managing performance plan templates, the default rating period, rating scales, and more. Rating officials can generate performance plan templates, which are auto-populated to employees, and create performance plans for direct-reporting employees. The plan is then approved by required roles, with all milestones and signatures tracked. Any intermittent progress reviews can be recorded in the performance log. At the mid-year and year-end reviews, employees, rating officials, and reviewing officials can perform evaluations with rating and comments.

The eCase Platform, its HR Suite of Applications, and the eCase Employee Portal were all designed with the principle that automated case management and HR processing shouldn’t cause users across the enterprise to rely on IT to continue operations. Rather, intuitive design and low coding allow any HR office to transform HR into an effective, comprehensive system geared toward the digital age. With eCase Performance Management, the eCase HR Suite of Applications comes one step closer to becoming the only HR solution an organization will ever need. And with eCase’s configurable, scalable approach, eCase HR can evolve with HR demands, continuing to meet new business needs well beyond the typical five-year period of performance, greatly increasing return on investment.

Products Summary

-AINS built eCase Performance Management to perform these core functions:
-Integrate with the eCase Employee Portal and the HR Suite of Applications as part of one, unified HR solution.
-Automate the performance management process with digital forms, portals and automated workflows.
-Encourage self-service through the Portal and a library of government performance appraisals.
-Adapt to multiple rating systems using one application on one central platform.
-Capture performance ratings and payout data; connecting with core HR and agency systems.
-Enable yearlong access to set goals, measure, and appraise.
-Get insight with dashboards and reporting.
-Integrate with the new version 10.5 of the eCase Platform, complete with a more streamlined look and interface.

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